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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My funny posts about money

The title of my last post makes me laugh, but only after reading it a couple of days later. Paying 520$ per month for a place, when all charges are included are not that much. It's just it appears to be expensive for me at first because so far, I have been renting room, or small studios when I was in France. So having a 1 and a half of my own is quite exciting for me and I am finally going to be alone! No more bathroom sharing! It was about now.

But it's true that 520$ is a lot a money, knowing that I have to add to that at least the cost for Internet. I plan to manage anyway and I think it won't damage too much my dream of reaching my first 50 000$ in savings as soon as possible. But it represents a big step for me. But does a difference of 120$ + Internet (maybe 35$), can really make a difference?

I choice to response no to that question in order to stay motivate.

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