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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When everything seems to go wrong

I wrote this blog title in regard with what have happen lately in my personal life. I have to deal with a moving that's coming early on November 2, a contract ending on December 4 and, like if it wasn't enough yet, trouble at my evening and weekend job.

My moving come at a very bad time. But it's not because I am living on contract that I don't need a roof under my head. As soon that problem is solve, well it's partly solve in a way because I have find myself a place to live, I already pack most of my stuff. I am all ready to go, I just need to actually do the moving. It will be done this Friday.

But even before Friday, I will have to see what's happening for my evening and weekend job. Usually, I was able to give the hours that I could do. I usually do between 20 to 33 hours at that job. I had just learn this evening from a co-worker that the situation had changed and that we were not able to do that anymore and that we had to respect fix schedule if we wanted to work. The problem is that their evening shift start at 17h. But unfortunately for me, until December 4, I cannot be there at 17h. The earliest I can be there is 17h30. And I prefer to say 18h to make sure I don't arrive late.

Anyway, I don't know what much about the changes made because they had a reunion and I haven't been able to attend, since I was at my day job. But they new about it. I guess I will learn more this Thursday, when I will give my hours for next week.

Everything was going fine and I really didn't need a problem like that at this time. I need a flexible evening job. I don't have any problem for Saturday and Sunday, but a problem appear for the evening shift. I need to make an extra 300$ weekly and at that job, I was able to do so. Those extra bucks paid for my living expenses, the rest can go for savings.

I barely know where I am going right now. It's a good thing I had been able to put some money in savings. It's a security, knowing that I have money waiting for me in case of need. All those problems affect my financial situation and I am kind of all stress out right now between my moving, a job that my schedule might had to change and a job endings in December.

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