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Saturday, October 13, 2007

No coffee week

Knowing I am spending so much just in coffee, I decide that next week will be my first official "no coffee week". Which mean I won't spend a dime on coffee for the upcoming week, which officially start tomorrow, Sunday.

It's not that I am a coffee addict, but I have my little daily grind and it's hard to get off it. Anyway, I have been thinking on ways to reduce my expenses and it's one of the ultimate uncessary expense that I want to eliminate forever of my life. But I won't say no to a weekend coffee, but an everyday coffee is gone forever, and hello 1 300$ in my pockets.

Anyway, I have to stuck to plan. Since I had paid an extra 65$ in my metro pass since I lost it a couple of days ago, I have o recover from that lost a way from another. And I don't know why I should allow myself to so much expenses, knowing I make so little working so hard.

And I have a few personal problems to deal with, I have to find another place to live, if possible for the beginning of November. So my moving will make an extra expense, but I think it won't cost that much because I don't have any furniture of my own. My rent and eveything might cost more than 400$ per month, but I cannot live where I live right now. Anyway, I notice a couple of affordable place here and there, so it won't be so rough at the end. I am still planning to put the max in my RRSP in January, so it won't change a thing.

After my moving, I plan to do 33 hours straight after my moving, so it will make a crazy November. I have done this so this week, 33 hours (evening and weekend job) and 37.5 hours (week days job) and it's something that can be done. But I only have Sunday morning for the grocery and stuff. Anyway, for next week, I took a couple of evening off, knowing I have to visit some places so I can move. But I didn't visit no places yet.


moneymate said...

I can't last more than 2 days without coffee. I've tried,but I'm weak.

How many days did you last?

Sunny said...

I didn't last a whole week without coffee. I work on weekends too and I was feeling sleepy for a reason or another. Usually I don't feel that much tired. The Sunday of that week has been horrible. The fist 2 days without coffee where ok, but the days after, I wanted a coffee too much. So I only buy one coffee per day after that, only in the morning. I plan to buy a coffee maker and make my own coffee for the morning, but that mean getting up earlier... lol

moneymate said...

When I'm really sleepy, I switch
to CocaCola Blak. I get really
wired from that. More so than
Red Bull.

Sunny said...

I try Red Bull once but I didn't like it. I am too use to coffee that's the problem. I will be shopping for a coffee maker. On a year, the savings are huge.

moneymate said...

yeah save probably about $2000 to $2500 a year +/- $500


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