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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Paying 1 049$ in bills

I have just made several checks to pay my bills. I had made a down payment of 900$ for a credit card. I have been checking my expenses on that credit card and I have so much little expenses, here and there. One little expense + another little expense + another make, at the end, a lot of money.

In past 10 days, for exemple, I spent over 65$ in coffees and eating out and other. I am trying very hard to cut the expenses. It's take a lot of me because I am use to buy 2 coffees per day, or at least one, but mostly 2, one when I get up in the morning and the other one I take is in the end of the afternoon, just before starting my evening job. 1.75$ for the coffee in the morning and 2.50$ for the coffee in the evening. It's make 4.25$ per day, 21.25$ for a week, and add to that a coffee per day on Saturday and Sunday too because I work on those days... For a big total of 26.25$. And I am not talking of the take out food, coffee only. 26.25$ per 52 weeks = 1 365$. It's way too much.

Anyway, this week, I slow down a little, I didn't buy a coffee every morning. My goal set up for next week is a no coffee week. Knowing I cannot work more than I am presently, the only thing I can do for now is cutting my expenses. But it shouldn't be that bad knowing I am all set up for winter clothes, I will have the same as last year, since they are new from last year.

I am a little bit depress because my day shift is very boring. There's not too much going on with that job and I am getting bored. Anyway, the contract is ending at the beginning of December and I can't wait! I know I should be happy, knowing that working at the 2 jobs I have, I made near of 700$ after tax. But I cannot stand being at a work place without being working.

I hate the life I have right now because of that. I just want to work, no matter what is the job, call center or whatever. I just need a day job that pay at least 15$ per hour, that make me work and I will be fine. I want to have 2 jobs, it's keep me going, but I need to do something during those working hours.

I don't know what will happen next and I don't know if I should look for a job right away or wait until December or until November. I am not to good at those things.

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