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Friday, October 5, 2007

O'Shaughnessy Asset Management

By checking the report of RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund, I just read that the manager behind the O'Shaughnessy funds, James O'Shaughnessy, will open soon his own firm, call O'Shaughnessy Asset Management.

We will learn more by the end of 2007, according to Morningstar. I can't wait to see if the firm will offer new funds. It will be great if there will be difffent O'Shaughnessy reaching Australia, England, China, etc...

That way, I wouldn't need to put my money anywhere else. Because even if my RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund didn't do well, I understand it's International Equity and it's seem quite hard to get a good fund in International Equity.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

I am also a big fan of O'Shaughnessy's funds....I currently own the Global Equity....and you should stick with the International Equity...I am confident that that investment will pay off in the long term.....

Good luck on your goals are similar and we are at similar stages financially...



Sunny said...

Thanks for the visit. Great to know you like O'S too. I like fund who are able to gave me 100-150$ return for one year for a 1000$ investment. But the O'S International didn't gave me that. Anyway, I still have it in my portfolio. Still there for now.


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