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Friday, October 19, 2007

Moving in an expensive place on November 2

I had to move for different reasons. The rent I have now was 400$, all included, with Internet and telephone. My new place is 520$ all charhe included, furnished, but without Internet, telephone and cable. The place is cute and very clean. the only thing I really need is Internet. I plan to see who things will be and if I can manage not having Internet at my place. I don't know who long I am going to be able to stand having not a direct access to Internet. If I am lucky enough, maybe I am going to be able to catch the Wireless. I will see.

I had such a bad time too find a studio or 1 and a half just for me. I had visit so strange, dirty and weird place. The weirdest place that I found was in a building, like a motel, 550$ all included, cable, Internet, telephone, furnish, elecricity and all. It wasn't so bad, but it was next to an erotic place. Right before that I had visit the place at 520$ and I decided to take that place. It's located near metro Mont-Royal and I just like that area so much. A least, I am going to live in a place that I like.

It's a month per month deal. I plan to stay for a long term, but if something happen and I find the job in my dream someplace else, I won't get stuck by a lease. I have to mov, find a new day job for December and find someone who will move me at a fair price. I don't have any furniture, but a lot of personal stuff. 520$ is a lot of money, but I couldn't look for places any longer, I am exhaust.

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