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Friday, October 5, 2007

I lost my credit card and metro pass on Tuesday morning

And it was really awful. It was this last Tuesday morning and I had put my credit card and my metro pass in my jeans pockets. I get up early that morning, so I was able to leave home sooner than usual. Maybe that's the things who make me loss my card.

Anyway, once in my way out outside, I check for my card that I have put in my pocket because I wanted to buy an orange juice and a muffin at the McDo that's just at the metro station where I take the metro. But for a reason or another, both cards were no longer in my pocket. I came back to me room and check around, but I couldn't find them. So in a hurry, I took some change to pay the metro and I took a CIBC credit card statement that I had with me.

While waiting for the metro, I did a quick call at CIBC and I told them that I had lost my card. Everything had been done very quick, just in time so I can take the metro. Anyway, I call again CIBC later on in the morning telling them I wanted to make sure with them that the card had been cancel, and it did. So I don't have to worry any longer for that card.

But what cost be was the lost of my metro pass. I had to repay 65$ in order to have a new card. And it make an extra 65$ expense. It came at a very bad time because I spent a little money, I just arrive from the movies. I watch the new Resident Evil and it was quite nice. I am trying so hard to save money and that 65$ lost is a big lost for me. It's like nothing can just be all right for once in my life. I was doing so fine, I did my lunch every single day of the week, and I really try to make things work and I am really trying to save my money.

It's hard to get organized and make things work in other to be abl to save money. I will be working at my part-time job 37 hours this week, so I might recover from the lost. I am working this Monday, an 8 hours shift. Anyway, I learn my lesson. No more card in my jean pocket. Never again.

I didn't find my credit card or my metro pass still. I believe I might really lost them somewhere.

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