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Friday, May 8, 2009

About my latest investment: 200 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN)

Earlier today, I purchase 200 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) at 12.10$. At the end of the day the unit’s price was at 12.17$. I made a profit of 14$ on one day – not bad. This investment had increased my dividend income of 247.92$. For a total of 1 590.92$. I am almost at that 2 000$ goal of mine in dividend income I have.

Everything is good my now. For the next investment, I would very much like to purchase some more units of Pembina Pipeline Income Trust (PIF.UN).

I do no longer plan to go to the trip to Halifax as my friend plan to stop for a night to our hometown and I really do not want to stay for a night at my parents place for different reasons. So I cancel everything. The trip would had been a bit expensive anyway as my friend was playing to stay in Halifax for 2 tips. And it would be expensive for nothing. At this time of the year, it’s still a bit cold and I would prefer to take a beach vacation, not a moving one. Most parts of the day would have been spending at looking for an apartment for her.

As for now, I plan to take the rest of the month of May off until 4PM from Monday to Friday. After what, I will begin my search for a day job.

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