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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It’s may be the right time for a vacation

Talking about pager… a friend of mine call me 3 times this evening on my pager. I couldn’t call her right away because I was on calls. When arrived my lunch time, I finally gave her a call. I learn that she was planning to go to Vancouver this summer and wonder if I wanted to come. She plan to use the train, she had been giving away a free ticket because she’s military. The cost of the ticket for me would had been of 900$, and this being for the transportation only. I told her it was a bit too much for me. Than, she told me she was moving to Halifax to work at the base out there. She’s going at the end of May for 2 weeks. I told her I could go if my vacations will be accepted.

I fill out the form in a hurry this evening. I just hope to have an answer as soon as possible so I plan something for the accommodation. Halifax has actually 4 universities. It makes it pretty affordable to stay in for 2 weeks in a 2 bedrooms place. Its look like I am now going to use a bit of that more than 1 000$ I have in vacation pay!

I went to Halifax one time in my life when was a teenager and I would very much like to go once again. The delay is quite short to plan everything put hopefully it will work out. It will be very fun if I could also receive my vacation pay from my weekend job.

Now, knowing this, by next investment I wanted to make with Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) is being put on hold for now. Until I decide what to do and see what happen next.

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