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Friday, May 22, 2009

What's going on?

Yesterday at my evening job, I took a look at my schedule, like I do for every week even if I work on a regular 16 to midnight basis. For next week, I am only schedule for Monday, from 16 to midnight. Seem like for next week, I will only be working 4 days! It’s going to be very rough on my budget if it’s the case. I was so shock by the news that I felt a heavy pain on my lower back. It was horrible. I am still having back pain at this time, but it’s not so bad. But still!

We are very busy right now with the calls. Just yesterday, calls didn’t stop from 16 to midnight. There’s no reason why my hours should be cut like that.

But the situation is not desperate yet. Maybe it’s a mistake on my schedule. I was not able to very as my team leader was not on duty yesterday. But he is in today, I left a not at his desk and I am going to see him at 4PM. I just hope it’s going to be ok.

For the month of June, I am going to be ok. I will be able to pay off all of my expenses. But problems could begin to show up in July. If I am only working on Monday next will, I will begin my job search this weekend. And for June, I might just do the minimum payment on everything, credit card and so on. Also, I had all those blogging projects I wanted to work on. I was supposed to be job searching only in June. In the meantime, I was supposed to be taking a rest and working at my blogs. All of my plans seem to be broken.

I am facing a very difficult situation right now. Cannot wait for 4PM…

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