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Monday, May 25, 2009

My upcoming projects

It’s officially my last week of free-time and I there’s so much I want to do! Time is running too fast! I won’t be able to do it all in one week! Knowing this, I came with a taught... why not keeping things the way they are and just enjoy the summer time? How about that lol?

It’s a decision I will take at the end of this week. But I already have the answer in my head. I am not too much into money with the beautiful summer that’s coming ahead. I never really took the time to enjoy my summer those last years and having from the morning until 3 in the afternoon won’t be too great for my portfolio, but it could make a difference in my life, just to do whatever for 3 months during weekly daytime. It was so lovely today in Montreal! It was the perfect weather! I was working, as soon as I arrived from work, I clean my place. I did my laundry. And my tinny little apartment is now spin and clean. It’s a lot better know and I am feeling much better too lol.

But I still have so many things to do and it’s so annoying because the only thing I want to do when I am currently not working at one of my 2 jobs is well, to write on my blogs! Life can be that distractive!

One of my goal is to reach 2 000$ in dividend earnings by the end of the summer

I believe I might have talk about this before. I fix myself a goal to reach 2000$ in dividend earnings for the whole year by the end of the summer. The crazy girl that I am is going to make it happen even if, probably, I won’t be working during day-time this summer lol.

How I plan to make it happen

Here’s the plan. I already have 1 590.92$ plan in dividend earnings. I am only missing 409.08$ in order to reach my 2 000$ goal.

As next investment, I was thinking about Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN). Unfortunately, Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund is expensive. I would need at least 200 units of BA.UN and I will probably around 5 500$ to make the investment. I do not have any cash available at this time. I can save let say 1 100$ per month. At the end of the summer, it will be around 3 300$ top I will be able to save; it’s about all, without day-time job.

I was thinking as back-up Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN), but I will probably need at least 4 500$ I believe in order to do the investment. It will be 300 units of PIF.UN. At TD Waterhouse, units can only be purchase by 100 at a time, from what I understand.

I have just a little savings in ING Direct, not even 300$. I might withdraw it, but it won’t be enough. So now, what do I do?

At this time, the conclusion will be: I really need a day-time job lol!!!!

But since I didn’t decide yet, I modify the goal: instead of the month of August, I am giving myself until the month of October…

Whenever my 2 000$ dividend income will be reach, I set myself another goal.

200$ per month in dividend earnings

This one is heavy business. I had been thinking about this goal for a little while now. In order to reach 200$ per month, in a year, I need 2 400$. Once my 2 000$ dividend earning will be completed, I will only be missing 400$ in order to receive 200$ per month in free cash… 200$ is valuable money knowing that my cost of living is quite low.

I am really into this whole dividend deal!

And not to forget about my 2009 RRSP

Busy time! Summer is not yet over yet that I am already thinking about my 2009 RRSP… My goal for this one is to invest as much as possible into my RRSP once the 200$ per month in dividend earning goal will be reach.

For the taxes of 2009, I really want to pay very little extra taxes.


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