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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Associated Content Team had answered to one of my post on Twitter!

I was so surprised to receive a response to one of my post from Associated Content. An inconvenient with Twitter is when someone answer to a post, the answer do not show up on the profile of the user. When I notice Associated Content had added me as follower, well, of course, I add them too… Just a few minutes ago actually. After what, I took a look at Associated Content profile… And there I saw it, a reply to one of my post…

Associated Content actually answers to the post were I was saying that I wanted to become a verified member of Associated Content in order to be eligible to receive payment. But the problem being that I only have a pager (I am old fashion) and the activation code being left on my voicemail only remain active for 5 minutes. On the post, I was saying that 5 minutes wasn’t long enough for me to run to a pay phone, listen to the message and go back to my place to than after enter the verification code on the Web page… Chaotic situation. Very kind of them to have answer to my post!

Which show just how miserable I am. But I like to have a pager for now because it’s cheap. One day, when I will be reaching my first 50 000$, I will get myself a cell phone and if possible, it’s going to be a pink Blackberry lol.

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