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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have other investments rocks in my portfolio

I decide to do other things than blogging since this upcoming week since it’s going to be officially my last week without having a day-time job. I decide to do stuff I wanted to do for a long time, like to do some shopping, borrow books at the library, open a broker account with i-trade (I will get back to this one), going to take a walk in the Old Montreal and go swimming! I have no clue where to find the closest interior swimming pool of my area…

After feeling so much back pain, I decide it was time to get some exercise. I am basically in front of a computer maybe 14 hours – even more per day. Thinking about it, it’s very horrible! This evening, I didn’t exercise that much, but I went see a movie, Angels & Demons, very good, beautiful images. And as always, Tom Hanks is at his best.

This last Friday, I was able to see my team leader at my evening job. I am working full-time next week. There’s been a mistake in the work schedule. Bunch of people like myself actually had the same problem. But seems like my problem is resolved now and I am going to be able to fully enjoy my last week of free time.

I have still have a lot to do… My place is a big wholly mess right now lol. Since I had try very hard to make money with my different blogs, I didn’t spend to much time on cleaning. But get a time when cleaning is needed. I won’t be able to stand it too much longer. About my blogs, the funniest of call is title International Organization of Prepaid Workers, which I find completely hilarious. Another one is Advertisement for Blogs, Happy and Simple Living and, of course, The 200 Project Blogs, among other. I really had a lot of fun with all of those multiple blogs. But the key to become a successful blogger – or should I say what I believe can push and drive someone to become a successful blogging is too post regularly and one day, the blog become fully searchable. One idea I have as a next post for The 200 Project Blogs talk about the difficulty of being searchable on Google.

The Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) had been included in my portfolio since May 8. I said about Energy Savings Income Fund that it’s being considered as being an “investment rock” by its chief. Since I invest in 200 units, the unit didn’t gain any value. But this course, do no effect my perception of SIF.UN – I just like to rising the value of my investments.

Talking about my investments, I had received my Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) dividend for the month of May this last Friday. I had received 51.90$ in Pengrowth Energy Trust dividend. I now officially hold 525 units of PGF.UN. Which I really like. I just hope there will be no dividend cut coming from PGF.UN. They already reduce their dividend to 1.20$. But still, per month, I make 51.90$ – and even more since I DRIP – from the investment and I really like it! I just hope it will turn out for the best for me because I really work hard for my money. I accept the risk – but still, I want to be able to earn some money and earning dividend is one of the best thing that have ever happen for me in years! I just had to learn about stocks and units and voilà, I am a beautiful and rich young woman lol. And I all own it to the very marvelous Derek Foster. Except for my beauty lol.

Other great news about my investments

My fantastic Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is up to 1084$! I like this fund! Isn’t cool to make money like that just from one investment? Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund had giving me faith on the value of investing again.

Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) is slowly growing in my portfolio. The value of my Pembina Pipeline Income Fund units had increased from a couple of dollars. I cannot tell how as I cannot log in – again – to my TD Waterhouse broker account. I can actually access to my account, but I cannot visualize my investments.

I do not recommend TD Waterhouse to anyone! Both system and customer service are total craps! Distushting! I am paying 29$ per transaction and I got some system error problem. But like this is not being enough, I am being asked to call than… If problem persist, please call… I don’t have time to call! I am a blogger! Of course, I have sometimes received good customer service from TD Waterhouse. But not being able to access to my account whenever I want is unacceptable!

Let’s move on. Next…

Regarding upcoming dividends that I am supposed to received in May

I taught I was supposed to receive Fortis dividend earlier this month. But I didn’t receive anything yet. Next should be 4.28$ coming from Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) and also 20.66$ from Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN).

Unfortunately for me, it’s going to be the last time I will be earning some money from Livingston International Income Fund as the company had announced a suspension of their dividends for the next couple of months.

Those could be seemed as ridiculous amount of money – and actually it is – but knowing that those are the amount of my dividend earnings, it’s just not the same thing. This is powerful money!

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