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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I do not want to be slow down because of a lack of financial resources

I am almost there – I am missing less than 10 000$ to reach my first 50 000$ in investment. I am so close to my goal; it’s almost scandalous to be suffering from one lay-off and just, a few weeks ago, another bad news, a cut in my hours at what was my morning job. Anyway, I have to move forward. I am not the type who remains static for very long. I like to move and take actions. For now, I am still enjoying free-time during my morning. I am currently trying to make money online. OH YEAH lol…

And trying to make money online is… a painful experience… exhausting… frustrating… but, at the same time, very fun. See, I am using the word “trying” to make money online because fact is, I didn’t make any money online yet. Actually, if you check somewhere on the right column of this page, you’ll see a new paragraph title “Online revenue…” and under it, you will see 0$, that I put in green. A wealthy 0$ lol. It’s my way to have fun with it.

I really like what John Chow says on his blog about making money online. John Chow explains that his blog is not his main source of income and that he sees the money he makes from his blog as bonus money. By thinking the whole “making money online” type of deal over and over again, I begin to think (for once lol) and what John Chow said really made sense to me. For now on, this is exactly how I am seeing the whole “make money online” deal, as a hobby. On an upper scale, the deal is to turn the hobby into a dollars-machine-give-me-some-money-for-free lol. I really enjoy John Chow blog and I like to “Tweet” his posts all over the place on Twitter. It’s crazy.

I am not a big fan of CashCrate, pay-per-click programs or others of the same type. I just don’t like to complete online surveys. And I cannot stand being on front of my computer and be clicking on some ads or completing offers. Look like I am going to be job searching soon lol.

I way prefer to work on my blog. What I love about blogging is writing. And about writing, just yesterday, I submit an original article of mine to Associated Content. It will be the second try-out for me. And I hope this one will be the one! Stay tune and take a look at my profile on Associated from time to time. Maybe one day you’ll see one of by article being publish under my profile. One day... lol...


Unknown said...

Hi Sunny,
Thank you for joining my blog's community. I like your writing, especially this one.
I wish you success!
I'll be back!

Harry Nizam

PS: my twitter:
whta's yours?

Sunny said...

Hi, I am now following you on Twitter. I am at:


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