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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Falling in my skin

The TSX had falled again… and I am falling too…
Just when I taught everything will get better, the TSX fall, again lol. Now, I truly understand Derek Foster who sell most part of his portfolio back in March. Seeing the TSX drop like this is quite awful and alarming. After spectacular gain, spectacular looses. Since I had been closely watching TSX ups and downs since 2005 – each time for whatever reasons – I shouldn’t be too shock about the whole situation, but each time, same destroying feelings and each time, same question: should I continue investing?

For me, it’s never been questioned to sale any of my assets under the impulse of some of those destroying feelings. The question being asked is if I should continue my journey and continue investing on a regular basis like I am doing right now or should I just sop and take that money in a ING Direct savings account.

But I never asked myself this question for really long as the TSX move a lot – maybe too much actually. But this is what expert call “market volatility”. That’s what I hate the most about investing but I am still able to manage it after all.

It’s soooo difficult just to be there, watching, without being able to do anything about the whole situation. And thing is I was really hoping the TSX would stay outside the trench of the 10 000 points for a while – I really had enough to see it under 10 000 points. As I am use to write: enough is enough lol.

On May 6th, when TSX was at more than 10 000 points, I was carefully looking at my portfolio and I saw an extremely potential and I was seeing 75 000$ on my overall portfolio. I was more closely looking at my Sprott Canadian Equity Fund investment. I originally invest 7 000$ in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. I was looking at the fund value just a couple of days ago. At that time, my investment in Sprott was at more than 4 000$. Which I was quite good. I was only missing 3 000$ to reach the original amount of my investment. But now, all those marvelous gains might me lost by now. It’s a very frustrating situation for me. But I am able to live with it.

I am still into this investment deal. It’s just a bit shack up by all those ups and downs. I completely exhausted. Good thing I gave myself the whole month of May off of day-time job. I am really in need of a rest but at the same time, I have so much to do and I have great ideas for other blogs and I want to start… Right now, I am in a flux of creative, angry and exhaustive mood. If not to say explosive.

In those difficult time, hope TSX Web site is making good money out of their Google Adsense ads. There’s actually Google advertisements on the TSX Web pages – which I find just so funny…

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