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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My portfolio at Great-West Life

At one of my late job (I no longer work there anymore) we had a Group Retirement & Saving Plans. The employer contributes to it, and as an employee we also had to invest in the program, even if we didn’t want to lol.

The value of my portfolio in date of March 31 is of 1 451.71$. The value of my Great-West Life portfolio in date of January 2009 was of 1 471.95$. Since that time, I lost 20.24$. When I first pick my mutual funds, I didn’t know too much about investments.

My Great-West Life portfolio largely includes fix income. I do not regret the choice; it’s actually giving a bit of stability to my overall portfolio (stocks, units and all other included).

Let’s check out this other awesome portfolio of mine.

My Great-West Life portfolio:

Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity: 207.30$ (14.3%)
Bissett Small Cap Fund: 161.43$ (11.1%)
Trimark Candian Bond Fund: 442.06$ (30.4%)
McLean Budden Fixed Income Fund: 182.58$ (12.6%)
TD Canadian Bond Index: 275.94$ (19%)
London Life Mortgage (LC): 92.58$ (6.4%)
GWL Investment Management Ltd. (GWLIM) Real Estate Fund: 89.82$ (6.2%)
TOTAL: 1 451.71$

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