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Saturday, November 21, 2009

BA.UN, exams and other stuff

This week pass by quickly. So far at my new job, I got one quiz and 2 exams. I didn’t pass the quiz (which didn’t count), but I pass the 2 exams, which I was very happy. But there are 2 more to come… And by the end of next week, we will take our first calls… I hope it will go ok because right now, with the combination of the 2 jobs I have right now, my old evening job and this new one, I am making more than 3 000$ after taxes, which allow me to do a lot of things.

As I wrote previously, I pay off one of my student loan debt. The debt was of 1 087$. On Monday, I had received my new credit line with the bank I am working for. I use that credit line to pay my TD credit line. For about 4 days, there’s been no activity on my TD credit line lol. But it didn’t last for long. Yesterday, I purchase 100 units of Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN) as, let’s say, a Christmas gift from me to me… BA.UN is not cheap. I took 2 729$ from my TD credit line to pay for the investment. BA.UN dividend payments are interesting. BA.UN yearly dividend is of 2.94$ per unit. My TD credit line is at an interest rate of 8%. 2 729$ at 8% make 218.32$ in yearly interest. And my BA.UN investment provides me an income of 294$, which is more than the cost of my interest on my TD credit line… This is actually a principle that Derek Foster cover in one of his book. Nice, but I still need to make the minimum payment on those loans! Anyway, for now, I can afford. If something would happen, I could always sell my investments… But so far, it’s seemed to go well.

The 60 hours per 2 weeks that I am doing at my evening job gave me 650$ after taxes. I was pretty happy when I saw the amount of my pay. I can basically afford my living with that job alone. All the other money I make can be spend at whatever I want. And what I truly want right now is to extend my investment portfolio. And right now, everything seem to be align in a way I can achieve my goal

This weekend is going to be a relax one. Like always, I am going to review my banking stuff lol, but I cannot wait to take pictures all over the place with my new digital camera… I didn’t got the chance to try it yet. It’s going to be fun. Also have to update my portfolio (what you see at the right column), but I am just too tired to do it right now.

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