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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I am having problems with Sprott

I didn’t find yet what’s going on with my Sprott dividend as I just wake up… Let’s say it’s an easy Sunday. But as soon as go outside, I am going to call TD Waterhouse, to ask what’s going on. I also have to make sure my DRIP is still on for all of my other investments. Remember what I said about the DRIP last time? It’s allowing me to earn an extra 100$ (more on less) directly from my investment portfolio.

Derek Foster fourth book: Stop working too, you still can!: safe beginner strategies from Canada’s millionaire investor a review by My First 50 000$

Yesterday was an easy day and I didn’t do much. Right now, I am just in need of time where I don’t do anything. I had purchased Derek Foster latest book: Stop working too, you still can!: safe beginner strategies from Canada’s millionaire investor. At first, the title sound weird at first for me, Derek Foster wasn’t a millionaire, but with his house which is mortgage free and his car, well, Derek Foster IS a millionaire. The title is catchy and funny. I had purchased Derek Foster book at Chapters on St-Catherine St. There’s still a couple of Derek Foster books waiting for you lol. I get through the reading of Stop working too, you still can!: safe beginner strategies from Canada’s millionaire investor easily. This one is easier than the Money for Nothing, which, I had to admit, didn’t understand too much. But as Derek Foster explains himself, Money for Nothing is more for sophistical investors, which I am truly not lol. So I prefer to stick to the basic and with things I can understand. Right now, a thing that I don’t understand is my Sprott dividends… And I am going to find out in a couple of minutes.

The reading of Stop working too, you still can!: safe beginner strategies from Canada’s millionaire investor was very funny for me because there’s a pat where Derek talk about banks and it make me laugh because well, I am now working for a bank lol.

Derek Foster had started a new project earlier this month: newsletters. There have been 2 so far, interesting as always published on his web site: Very nice and I think it’s good for him. So far, Derek Foster was making a great contribution on Canadian Business forum. So it’s good he gets to work a bit more for himself than for other and get a place where he can write over the Internet without being judge or attack.

There just one little thing I don’t understand about Derek Foster: where in the world are his Google AdSense ads?

As always at the end of his book, Derek presents an update of his portfolio. I made a lot of cash on Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN). And I first purchase Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) because it was from Derek Foster portfolio. I had more than 3 000$ available to invest on my credit line. As you know, I wanted to invest in Brookfield Renewable Power Fund (BRC.UN) for a very long time. Earlier this week, I wanted to invest in 200 units of Brookfield Renewable Power Fund but I had to say, I wasn’t so sure of the pick and well, I didn’t invest in BRC.UN. While looking at Derek Foster portfolio update, I take a look and I find out that Derek was investing in Enbridge – put in their unit fund. So I guess I will be placing an order for 300 units of Enbridge Income Fund. But will place the order later on this evening, after calling TD Waterhouse.

Investing using my TD credit line: why do I do so? I love leverage

My 5 000$ loan at 8% with TD credit line require a minimum payment of 150$, which I can easily afford at this time with my 2 jobs. The other credit line I have at my job (at a super low interest rate) require a minimum of 100$. I can afford those payments. I am using leverage – but I only using what I can afford to pay.

Those it worth it? For me, the answer is yes, because the dividend covers the payment of the interest and it worth it all the way because my dividend are being reinvested. Reading Derek Foster fourth book just boost my confidence is the market.

About my latest investment and their dividend:

Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN): 100 units x 2.90$ (yearly dividend) = 290$
Enbridge Income Fund: 300 units x 1.15$ = 345$

290$ + 345$ = 635$

5 000$ at an interest rate of 8% = 400$ in interest

635$ - 400$ = 235$

I win 235$ in free money by using leverage. I will definitely place an order to purchase 300 units of Enbridge Income Fund. Units of Enbridge are cheaper than the real deal – Enbridge stocks (ENB). ENB stocks are at more than 40$ per stock… Can I afford it? The answer is no…. lol.

In conclusion for now

For now, I am going to call TD Waterhouse to find out what’s going on with Sprott and also, I am going to read my banking stuff at a café. And later on, I will place my order for 300 units of Enbridge Income Fund.

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