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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I got the loan, but failed my first quiz

I don’t have any training tomorrow; which is perfectly fine with me. I have so much to do, excluding studying. And surprise, my credit line of 5 000$ at a super low interest had been approved! Today, I provided some proof of incomes. But my credit line is not open yet as I had to take an appointment. By Friday, my credit line at TD will be all pay off, I won’t have to pay the regular TD interest rate of 8%. So I am quite happy with that part. I also ask a question of what will happen if I loose my job at the bank (which is not TD by the way lol), if the interest rate will remain the same, super low? And I was told yes, over the phone… But I would be quite surprise if it would be the case… Anyway, I don’t really mind for now. It make a lot of things to do for me to do at the same time and at a point, I won’t be very sad if I got fired because I had failed the exam or what so ever. Of course I will do my best not to fail, but I mean, if I fail, I won’t be too sad, because I miss my free time, I miss getting up late, drinking coffee late at night, I miss HubPages… Even if I fail, I am pretty happy with all the things I had been able to do. With the pay I will receive this week, I will pay off one of my student loan. After what, I will only have left less than 9 000$ in student loan. For the upcoming months, I would like to pay off some student loan debt, invest in something new for my portfolio, like BRC.UN or EMA, and plan something for my RRSP contribution of 2009. I will probably turn non RRSP investment into RRSP, just like I did last year. But this time, it will be with stocks and units. I have around 10 000$ to invest in RRSP and I will contribute to the maximum into it, in order the save as much as I can on taxes. I have a lot to do and I don’t like too much the training I am following right now because it’s a bit too much of fast food training as everything is being explained quickly and a lot of information is being provided at the same time. Everything is just not fitting well all together and to tell the true, I am not too happy with this. Low salary, great benefit and a training on-the-go. Really not for me. Anyway, I will continue. I am just praying my investment plan will work out and that everything will work out at the end. I really dislike living in the province of Quebec and I just want to escape from here. In God I trust.

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