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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Work-work-work, shop-shop-shop

I didn’t blog during the whole week that just pass and at a point, I really wanted to just open my laptop and write up something, but I couldn’t, since I was in training for my new job from 9AM to 5:30PM. After that, I was working at my regular evening job from 6PM to midnight. It’s not as terrible as it can be seen at first sight. I actually went thought this without too much problem. So far so good… The week and the weekend pass way too quickly.

I am getting my first exam next week, just after November 11. Since we are off that day, I will have major part of the day to study. I didn’t work this weekend as I was studying. I also went shopping. I purchased an external DVD player (mine from my laptop just doesn’t want t open anymore, after 5 years of usage). The external DVD player was under 80$.

I purchase a Banana shampoo and conditioner from The Body Shop. You read it right, Banana shampoo and conditioner! Isn’t cool? I just cannot wait to see the result on my hair. My hairs are actually oily. I have to wash my hair every 2 days if not… Its itch, my hair get oily and it’s simply disgusting lol. Tomorrow when I wake up, I will take a shower and try my new Banana shampoo and conditioner.

I also purchase something that I wanted for a really long time now: an external disk drive of 1 TO, which was at 129$. Both items were purchases at Staples. I find Staples a lot cheaper than FutureShop. I already begin to use my external disk drive and it’s allow me to save 1 GB on my laptop so far. I want to save all of my pictured on the external disk drive too eventually and all of my files… Just a lot to do.

And I also purchased, just today actually, a brand new camera! My current digital camera was very old. I purchase a new one, it’s a really cool Kodak EasyShare Z915. It has a 10X optical zoom with optical image stabilization. And the Koday EasyShare Z915 had won the Best-in-Class picture-capture speed! The camera I had before was also from Kodak, so I just wanted to purchase a brand new model of digital camera. I am use to their EasyShare software, and really like it. I just cannot wait to try it. I should be able to do that on this upcoming Wednesday.

I plan to work Saturday the whole day next week if overtime is available. Studying is good, but after a while, all of those banking terms just don’t make any sense after 3 hours of reading. So I read a lot, write a lot… It’s all new and it’s difficult. But even if it’s all new, I apply for a credit line. I just cannot wait to see if I am going to be accepted for it. I should know within the next 2 days. My plan is to use that new credit line (at a very low interest rate that I won’t expose here) to pay off my TD credit line. Would it work or not? I don’t know. But at the salary they are paying, and knowing I have a pretty good credit score, I should be able to get it. Those people now know everything about me! I told the agent who create the request how many credit card I have, how many debts I had and also, how much money I have… So there’s someone out there who actually know that I own more than 50 000$ of my really own money in investments and that’s pretty scary. So if I don’t get the credit line, it’s going to be toooo bad for them, not for me lol. It will be bye bye and I am out of here! LOL!!! But really, if I got refused, I am just going to ask for another consideration and so on. I am going to make them hate me very very much.

Regarding the shopping of this weekend, it all went to by CIBC Visa. And since I had received an offer for a balance transfer coming from TD Visa at an interest rate of less than 5%, guess what will happen very soon? Another balance transfer! I just want to pay off the 6$ left to pay on my TD Visa before…

Just MARVELOUS. This balance transfer should be around 1 500$, including the shopping of this weekend. It’s nice to accumulate investment, pay off debts and stuff, but it’s actually nice to spend some money over stuff I want. But those are not major debts. I currently have 700$ I want to make in deposit to pay part of my student loan. It’s really annoying because I have 2 student loans, from the federal government and the other one from my fantastic province, New Brunswick. So what I want to do, is pay off my provincial student loan, which is only of 1 087.40$. Once completely pay off, I will only have 98$ per month to pay in student loan. Eventually, it will completely be paid off.

I know I should pay the loan with the higher interest first but gees, I am getting tired of that debt, of having 2 student loans to pay each month, one at 65$, the other at 98$. So I am paying off completely the student loan I can pay off. And that’s my provincial student loan. Just a problem: I wanted to pay online 700$ on my student loan, but the ACCES-D system is not allowing me to do so, so I guess I will have to call those really charming people of Desjardins once again… which s***.

I notice that my stocks and units portfolio is at a bit more than 26 600$ right now, which is really great, because I am exceeding the 26 519$ had back on October 10… So I should be around 53 000$ or more right now. Isn’t great?

Let’s say I am taking care of business here, live from Montreal lol.

Until I hit the 150 000$ in investment that will allow me to stop working just like Derek Foster :)))) I will continue working, studying and praying for my loan at a really cheap interest rate to be approve. Does God want this to happen or not?

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