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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Money, dividend and life

I finish my evening job ealier today, as I ask to leave earlier, and I was able to leave early… I took my first calls during the afternoon at the new job I have on today, and it was quite of a challenge. It’s not easy at all for me. For now, everything is fine, I pass my third exam. They are not always very kind at my new job, but I don’t bother that much. My expectations were not very high since I am in Quebec. Sometimes, just a little something splash in my face and remind me that, yeahhh I am in Quebec, in a « country » where foreign doctors had to become taxi drivers to make their living and where idiots like Brian Mulroney and Henri-Paul Rousseau get easily forgive for their wrong actions… Bunch of juicy details righ here lol.With my 2 jobs, money is good, my portfolio is doing well. Basicly for the year 2009 so far, I had reached all of my investment goal. I had reached my first 50 000$ in assets and I had reached the equivalent of 200$ per month in dividend income. Next step will be to work on paying up some debts, while continuing to increase my portfolio from time to time. I also want to put some money aside in my ING Direct account. So many things going on. Everything seem to be possible. I find out about Derek Foster fourth book just recently and I plan to purchase it this weekend. Cannot wait to find out about new tricks on how to become a millionnaire :))))

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