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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A very busy weekend and a lot fun

My schedule for my evening shift had been arranges. So I will be doing from 6PM to midnight, from Monday to Friday I have my training during daytime between 9AM until 5:30PM. I will be off on Saturday and Sunday. And since there’s always overtime during the weekend, I can always do extra hours if I want. This being, of course, the situation at my evening job.

I had been quite busy lately. I went for some shopping. I purchased 2 pair of pants greatly needed. I also purchase a pair of shoes. We are aloud to wear jeans, but I couldn’t see myself in a bank atmosphere wearing my very old jeans and my black and pink Nike shoes on, even if they are pretty cool. I did a lot of stuff today, I took it off from my job, I wasn’t schedule, but I wanted to do overtime. My goal was to do overtime and reach the 1 000$ paycheck, but I decide to do my shopping and stuff on today. I also did some of it on Friday afternoon, so I didn’t overtime either on Friday. I finish the day by renting 3 DVD but my DVD player on my laptop is not working anymore. It’s just won’t open, and I try several times. Anyway, I might quickly going to check tomorrow if I can purchase an external DVD for my laptop and if it’s cheap, I am going to buy one. It’s just too frustrating, having those great DVDs and not being able to listen to them. I don’t even own a TV. It’s been 2 years since I had been living without a television and I don’t miss.

I am in need of a new laptop. The one I own had been purchased back in 2005. It’s an Aspire 3502 WLCi, just 60GB HDD and 512MB DDR… I saw some laptop with a 250GB HDD at a fair price. Or was it DDR? I don’t remember, but it was certainly better that what I have now. If I see that things are going well with my new job, I will probably spend some cash on a new laptop. This drive us to Christmas, and there’s always good deal around at that time.

Or I might simply return them without having the chance to see them. Guess I won’t wake up early tomorrow as it’s already pass 1AM.

I try to do the shopping, laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping in one day but it was too much for me. And when I couldn’t listen to my DVD, I was upset and went to bed. I just wake up, trying to do some laundry… I have tone of laundry to do! I am glade I wake up. My places had been a real mess and I try to get it clean. I don’t like doing my usuals, but I have to do them. I hope its going to work out at the job I am going into. Everything is working well so far, at least with the schedule of the 2 jobs. I did some spending over the weekend, but it was stuff that was really needed and that I didn’t have.

So it’s now almost 1:30AM and I still have stuff of mines in the laundry room. Just crazy. It doesn’t seem like it, but working 50 hours weekly take all of my time. It doesn’t provide me any time for laundry, cleaning, etc.. or so little. So I now have to do everything in one little weekend. Tomorrow is going to be cooler, I will only have my cleaning and my cooking to do, which I should be able to do very quickly, and will have time for myself. I am quite happy to be almost done.

I wanted to give a check at my TD Waterhouse portfolio, but I forget about their Saturday night maintenance. For the month of October, I am only missing my Bank of Scotia (BNS) dividend. But I guess they are not in yet, not during the weekend

I received my new credit card. It’s at the rate of 11.5%. My credit is of 4 000$, which is ok. I would very much like to open a broker account at where I will be working because we are eligible to trade at a discount price. I would very much like to invest in 100 units of BRC.UN. I really want to extend my portfolio as much as I can. And I would like to reach the 80 000$ in investment by my next birthday – I will be 30. Is 80 000$ too much asking? It will depend on how things turn out for my current investment and for the next one I am planning to do. But the 80 000$ is a nice goal.

The time just change on my laptop, now 1:04AM while it should be 2:04AM. Hour change. My laptop is smarter than me lol.

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