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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy-busy week

I had many things this week with my training for this new job I have and also the exam I got.. I pass the exam! By looking at my mistakes, I think there’s some stuff I taught I had understood but didn’t understand… So I guess I will read again banking stuff this weekend… Time goes by too quickly and things are getting pretty rough. Very difficult to follow a training, study for it, work 30 hours on top of that at my regular evening job… But money really worth it.

I also transfer money into my banking account in order to pay off one my student loan, at 1 087$... I am almost done with this, I only need to contact my Caisse on Monday to get the payment done and completed.

So far so good, I pass the exam, I continue the training. I might open an account with them in order to trade online very soon.

I received my Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) for the month of October. I now own 3 new units of JE.UN. Very nice. I am now at 408 units… Nothing extraordinary yet, but my portfolio slowly taking form and I am always amaze when I received my dividend. Currently, my stocks and units portfolio is at 26 725$, an increase of 206$ compare to October 10th… A little increase is better than nothing at all…

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