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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

It’s been one of those weekends. I enjoy my shopping days. Today, I wake up late, clean my place, do some laundry and dye my hair. I actually hate my last coloration. Within a month, roots were showing up. So I color my red, dark auburn today. It’s a beautiful rouge dark auburn and I think I wear it well. I am very happy with all the things I was ale to do this weekend. Those were things I was not doing for a couple of weeks now, while being busy with my overtime. And since I hate to do cleaning, laundry and stuff like that, I always pushes those tasks to the last minute… Or until I got enough. After dying my hair, I just return the 3 DVDs I couldn’t listen to because the DVD player in my laptop is not coming out… I always took pretty good care of my laptop, so I don’t know what happen. But after 5 years of intense usage, at one point, my laptop got enough. And I have enough of my laptop. So I guess I will be purchasing myself a nice Christmas present: a brand new laptop.

I can now focus on my 2 jobs. Tomorrow is the big day: my first day of training at my new job.

Hot hot hot.

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