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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My order to buy 100 units of Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund

This week was really fantastic. I pay my little student loan (the amount was of 1 087$, which is now pay off). I also pay my TD credit line with the money I had receive from my credit line at a very low interest. But I couldn't help it, I just place an order to purchase 100 units of Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN), at the maximum price of 28$... FINALLY!!!! I wanted to own some BA.UN for so long!!!! Their dividend is so fantastic! 2.9004$ per year per unit!

I wanted to stay at 0$ on my TD credit line, but I wanted to extend my stocks and units portfolio, and I could'nt wait. I wanted to purchase some Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund for a very long time now, and this seem to be the perfect occasion. I calculate roughly, and I should earn around 2 500$ in dividend for the year 2010... Which make my 200$ per month I wanted to achieve and which make now more than 55 000$ in assets, and just a little bit of debt...

I just can't wait for the weekend to come, I really want to calculate how my investments worth now. A TSX at more than 11 600 points, isn't great? IT HAVE to remain the same until the weekend!!!

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