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Monday, May 31, 2010

Brian Mulroney is a pig

Brian Mulroney is such a pig, such a very nice example of who Quebeckers are truly are: PIGS. Brian Mulroney arrogance on Monday appearance in Toronto among Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel is just a sign of his intelligence. A Nobel Peace Prize sitting next to the biggest Quebec ****** of all. I wrote about Mulroney before, and I guess the writing will never stop. If Brian Mulroney had been able to accept cash while being PM, showing up publicly even after.... I mean, we know about the Airbus, we know about the Schreiber affair. There’s been 2 publicly knows, 2 publicly recognize stories, but if there’s been 2, there could be more. And I believe that Brian Mulroney is hiding a lot more than what we publicly know. Are Canadians are completely dumb or what? The money cash from Brian Mulroney had probably served to pay for the education of his children: Caroline Mulroney, Ben Mulroney, Mark Mulroney and Nicolas Mulroney. All Mulroney’s, all children from the evil, educated on dirty money. Currently, Schreiber is in prison, in his native Germany. And what about Brian Mulroney? He’s showing publicly is ugly person. I want the poor man in prison, where he belongs. And what had been Brian Mulroney sentence anyway? The Oliphant public inquiry hasn’t done its job. It hadn’t to come to a define conclusion and sentence. And this allows any Canadian Prime Minister to act like a criminal, accepting money, selling Canadians dignity, without any consequences.

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