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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunshine, shopping and Bell Aliant dividend

I had received today the dividend for Bell Aliant. I had received 24.17$, like every month. So far for the month of May, I had received 327.35$ in dividend, and the month is not even over yet! I am still missing Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) dividend. After what, I believe I will be done with May dividend. So it will bring the overall to close to 340$ for the month of May. Nice! Of course, all of those marvelous dividend DRIP, which mean I won’t touch directly a third of what I had earned… It could be easy to cash in the dividend and spend the money, but the DRIP does worth it and at this time, I am lucky to earn enough money to cover my needs and even more. But I have to say, for the month of June, I am running short in cash. I need my paycheck of next week to cover for the month of June. Which I dislike. The key of my money management is to save and be able to be the upcoming month with the money earn during the current month… Anyhow, I do not have any problem when it come to managing my money, just I am no working full-time at my day-time job, but maybe I should. Anyhow, this is giving me a lot of freedom to do just whatever I want and that whatever mean mostly, these days, sleeping late in the morning. Working, investing, following the market, it can easily kill a girl. It didn’t kill me, but I have to say, lately I had been catching on sleeping. And trust me, I sleep a lot. But strangely, the more I sleep, the more I want to stay in bed and it’s part of the reason why I haven’t launch my Web site project, it’s part of the reason why I didn’t write any new HubPages for quite sometime now. But I plan to catch on because I am need of more cash; you are going to find out why…

The no shopping week had turned into a shopping week as I purchased sandal as I couldn’t stand wearing big running shoes anymore with the hot weather. I put my sandals of last summer right to the garbage after getting my feet hurt out of them. Last year I had purchased some very cheap sandals, I had purchased 2 pairs directly from Zellers lol. Nice ways to save money, but the 2 pair of sandals were comfortable only for one summer. I shop around a bit, finally purchased a real good pair and after wearing them; I started feeling better right away. I am now at more than 40$ in Google AdSense money, I am looking forward to work on my HubPages and than I may be able to reach the 100$ by July, if I am lucky. Working long hours online for so little money could be seem vain, but it can turn out o be very fun, especially when its money being earned during spare time. And not only did I purchase a new pair of sandal, but I also purchase 3 long skirts absolutely beautiful for the summer. So summer is going to be hot! lol…

Other than sandals and Google AdSense., the TSX gain extraordinary points today and I am glade it did. My overall portfolio might not worth 88 000$ and up like it did previously beginning of May, but I am getting this tough market time quite easily and I just cannot wait to hit the 100 000$ in assets, even the 90 000$, it’s going to be quite something, just spectacular. A 90 000$ for my 30th birthday in August would be very fun. Champaign and caviar please! lol...... :0)

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Anonymous said...

I'll tip my hat to yu Sunny, enjoy your sense of humour, keep it above all and you will make it. I wish i had all this "sense" when i was 30. go for the hundred and let's celebrate that great day,,even with $90,000


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