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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trading Dumont Nickel (DNI) online

Remember that I own Dumont Nickel (DNI) in my portfolio and that had been trying for month now to make a profit out of this investment by selling my 23 000 stocks at 4 cents? Well, this haven’t happen yet and its been almost a year… lol.

On today May 11, Dumont Nickel stocks had rollback 8 to 1. This mean that I no longer own 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel. I now own I believe 2 875 stocks of Dumont Nickel. I say I believe because nothing had been changed in my broker account when it come to Dumont Nickel, if note just a « * » following the investment with still 23 000 stocks. I completely forgot about this and of course, during the day, when I saw DNI going from 0.015 cents to 15 cents, I got a taught, oh yeah, the rollback. No problem, but…

I had a sell order open to sell Dumont Nickel at 4 cents per stock. Since I forgot about the rollback, my sell offer at 4 cents for Dumont Nickel was still on… And during the day at work I wonder what was going to happen of my Dumont Nickel investment, if it was going to be sell or what. But it didn’t get sell, the order had simply been cancel… OUF! What a release. So now I just have to renew my sell order for Dumont Nickel once everything will be fix in my broker account. I hope it will be for tomorrow.

I originally purchased 23 000 stocks of Dumont Nickel at 3 cents per stock, for an investment value of 690$ + 29$ in commission fee for T D Waterhouse. For a total of 719$. If I want to make a profit out my now 2 875 stocks, I now have to sell at a higher price than 25 cents. I am not in a hurry to make money out of Dumont Nickel. Well not now, bt back in the summer of last year, I had made my investment in Dumont Nickel in order to make a quick sell and bring a 200$ in for the summer… But of course, it never happen… lol….. such memories.

Currently, Dumont Nickel no longer Dumont Nickel. The company new name is DNI Metals Inc. From my understanding, the company will continue to trade under DNI.

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Dividend Lover said...

Dividend Girl I think you should be more greedy with this one.

for this stock to rise from 0.15 to 0.25 there needs to be a takeover rumor.

and if that happens you don't know how high it will go. but your going to get sold at 0.25

so you are taking a lot of risk by owning this, and limiting your profits with this sell order.

you watch your stocks almost everyday, so you don't need that limit order.

I don't know anything about this company, that just my general opinion about limit orders and penny stocks.


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