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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Michaëlle Jean: Governor General of Canada (2005-2010)

Michaëlle Jean may have done a great job as the Governor General of Canada, but she didn’t do anything extraordinary for the people and her time is now over. Time to pass on the crown to someone else and, if possible, to a real Canadian this time. I have nothing against Michaëlle Jean. But for me, Michaëlle Jean is not a real Canadian. Why? It have nothing to do with the color of her skin, which is, obviously black lol, it have nothing to do with the fact that she was born in Haiti. My definition of a “real Canadian” has nothing to do with ethnicity or from where you are coming from. I want a Governor General who never been closed to Quebec willingness to become a country. I want a Governor General of Canada who had strong believe in Canada and I want to have a Governor General of Canada who has no relations behind the idea of a sovereign Quebec.

When Michaëlle Jean shows up publicly with her husband, Jean-Daniel Lafond, I am feeling shame, disgust. Jean-Daniel Lafond is a French-born with basically no real Canadian cultural identity. I mean, Jean-Daniel Lafond had been part of the FLQ, a militant Quebec-separatist organization. No one who had deal with the FLQ from close or far should had a connection with the federal highest position. Michaëlle Jean should never have never been nominated as Governor General of Canada, knowing who’s her husband. Back in 2005, I was a young woman, I knew who was Jean-Daniel Lafond and I couldn’t believe Prime Minister Paul Martin was doing this to Canadians, selling the Governor General of Canada position to Quebeckers.

When the shame will stop for real Canadians? Can real Canadians just live happily with the proud of being Canadians without having to deal with some scandalous Quebeckers, just willing to bring terror and destruction to one of the best country of the world, if not the best one? One day, the circus will have to stop; Quebeckers will have to decide to go one way or the other. The question of who will be designed as new Governor General of Canada is a question of national identity. And Quebeckers are not good examples of that. I thing that Quebeckers should simply separate, create of country of their own and we’ll be done with it, done with the shame, done with exocentric measure to satisfy the one who will just never be satisfied because of their stupidity.

Look what happen in Canada history when a Quebeckers had become Canada Prime Minister. Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin, Brian Mulroney. All gangsters, poor nominees, just selfish blood suckers. And here I am naming just naming the most recent ones. When the shame will stop? New Brunswick gone pretty bad in health care when Bernard Lord was PM. And Bernard Lord was born… in Quebec province. I know about Bernard Lord and New Brunswick because I am myself a New Brunswicker. And a French one by the way.

Quebec leaders are weak, lazy, and Canadians deserve much more than what can Quebeckers can actually bring to them. Prime Minister Stephen Harper may not be perfect, but he’s doing the best as he can in a difficult economic situation and deserves the respect of all “real” Canadians. Not to forget that Stephen Harper had provide Quebeckers the “distinct society” title to Quebec, so the fools can feel special in a unite Canada that no Quebeckers, by the way, truly deserve, knowing for who they massively vote for. As long as political parties as Bloc Québécois for the federal, Parti Québécois and Québec Solidaire for the provincial will be active, there will be no place for communication between real Canadians and Quebeckers. There will only be place for shame. Other French Canadians do not need Quebec, see, we are all bilingual, or almost lol.

And talking about disgust, Michaëlle Jean should have never been nominated as Governor General of Canada, her husband being who he is. As Canadian, I want to be represented by a Governor General of Canada who’s a real Canadian, not a fake one. And I don’t care about the color of the skin or from the nativity. Canadians have the right to be honor and deserved to be represent by a pure patriotic, someone with honesty. And Canadians have now that chance.

When I read about Michael Ignatieff who, according to the press, “is urging the prime minister to extend Michaëlle Jean's term as Governor General when her five-year appointment expires in September”, the only thing I want to say to Michael Ignatieff is: NO WAY! I am happy to have found out who is the real Michael Ignatieff, a maniac who, just like Paul Martin, wants to collect Quebecker votes, another selfish one who want to sell the Governor General of Canada position for another 5 years to Quebeckers. Remember reading in the press that Michael Ignatieff had called Brian Mulroney for his birthday? Another bullshit to have some Quebec voters. And what about the proud? Brian Mulroney did what he did. I won’t even write about hit. I just hate Brian Mulroney. And just knowing he’s living somewhere in Westmount of Montreal just freak me more lol.

You know the shit, Michael Ignatieff just want to gain some Quebec voters. But who care about Quebeckers? They had been sooooooo unfaithful of the country, publicly voting massively for the Bloc Québécois, publicly declaring that they are a distinct society. Why do they feel so special by the way? At a point, the distinct society need to get out of the unite Canada. And no more fake Canadians as Governor General of Canada ever, no more Quebeckers in a unite Canada. Never again.

Paul Martin put a shame on the country by naming Michaëlle Jean as Governor General of Canada in 2005. Now that Paul Martin and the Liberals are no longer in control of this country, Canadians have the right to be represent correctly without lies, and with respect.

So I hope Michaëlle Jean will enjoy her last summer as Governor General of Canada. No more free trips, Michaëlle Jean.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Paul Martin is from Ontario..

Anonymous said...

Michaelle Jean did a great job as GG she will be a great asset to UNESCO. also in her Foundation.

Anonymous said...

You are a little crazy

Anonymous said...

Jean was an awful GG. You got me there. But you are a bit crazy. And not too bright and really awful at research.

As pointed out Paul Martin was born, raised, schooled and worked in Ontario for a large part of his life.

I noticed you didn't include Pierre Trudeau in your little rant. Or Wilfrid Laurier. Both from Quebec.


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