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Friday, May 7, 2010

OUTCH! The European recession is hurting my porfolio

I lost near to 2 000$ in my non registered portfolio. Overall, I may had lost 2 000-2 500$ or close to 3 000$, but I didn’t calculate the current value of my everything because my everything is everything but not short. I am not a minimalist investor, let’s say. I love to accumulate, accumulate, both investments and debts.

Ok, so in result of the European crisis, I might had lost around 3 000$. But it’s not like my portfolio had lost a third or a half of its value. I can easily support loses like this one. I had experiment the market volatibility before and each time, I recover. From my point of view, my portfolio can go through another economic break down without too much trouble. It’s just kind of sad because with my mutual fund investments, I had just begin to recover from the 2008 loses. And now, I guess the gain had been lost. I am confident the market will go up again. What we had live with the US-Canada recession was as worst as what’s happening now in Greece and other European countries. I am still looking forward to invest in 100 extra stocks of CDL.A in June. I just cannot wait!

Also, in late May, I will receive the money for a GIC that I hold in my RSP portfolio. I will get the money transferred into my RSP broker account and I may purchase an ETF. I am quite tempt to invest more in the Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL). I had been very satisfied with my Claymore Gold Bullion. And what better place to hold gold anyway other place than in a RSP?


gold coins said...

I think it is really good to know that your satisfied with Claymore Gold Bullion.

Sunny said...

Yep, I am very satisfied with Claymore Gold Bullions.


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