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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy birthday Brian Mulroney

Today is Brian Mulroney birthday. Last one before being put in prison.

I had been quite busy lately. I have to say, I took lot of free time when I wasn’t working at one of my 2 jobs. So when I am not working, I walk, walk, walk. I no longer have a metro/bus pass. Sometimes after work, I just walk around downtown before hitting back home. The walk from downtown Montreal to my place is about 1 hour. Those days, I had been walking more than 2 hours per day. It’s better this way because it allow be to not spend to much time in front of my computer watching my units and stocks going down, down, and down again. The European crisis may be a lot heavier than what I taught. Actually, when the crisis is there just in front of me, I never know what to think about it. The European crisis didn’t affect my portfolio as badly as the crisis of 2008. My portfolio had loss a lot in value and I decide not to update it for now. Not that I don’t want to exposes publicly my losses, but I feel kind of sad because I was way on track to reach the 90 000$ in assets for the month June or July. But it’s looking like nothing of this will happen. Well not the way it is known. It’s fun to invest, to earn dividend, but the stock market is sooo volatile, it’s crazy. The volatility of the market never scare me, but the ups and downs of the market are just destroying my 100 000$ assets goal. Anyhow, good news is, the companies I invested in are still going to pay dividends, European crisis or not. Well at least for now. Because of course the situation could change. I didn’t open my margin account yet because of the recent TSX point’s loss. It would be so fun i it something that could be done through the phone, but TD Waterhouse told me its something that needed to be done at a TD Canada Trust branch. And no credit evaluation needed, from what I was told. And no minimum payment required each month. Margin is still new to me, so I want to read more about it and I may call TD Waterhouse to ask any questions I may have about it. But for now, I don’t feel like getting into margin at all. So nothing had moved regarding my project that was to pay off 2 credit lines by using the money of my margin account. This project is pending for now.

My budget for June…

With the paycheck I received today plus the paycheck I will be receiving next week, I will have just enough money to pay off everything. I will just miss some money to pay my credit expenses, the one I use to pay for groceries and all other living expenses. So I will need part of my earnings of the first week of June to actually pay my expenses, but that’s ok. My next investment will be probably in July. July is a good month as I will be receiving 5 paychecks, as there are 5 weeks for the month of July.

Four Pillars Blog change its name for Money Smarts Blog

Back on May 16, a very well-known money blog had changed name from Four Pillars to Money Smarts. Four Pillars was such more a powerful title, powerful in the sense it was more original. The current blog title do not mean anything. It’s just too common. Just like if I will name my blog something like: Making money online or some boring stuff like it with no essence. Ok, may not be seen as very impressive but I have a very fun time with it and hey, it’s my blog after all. And the ex-Four Pillars now Money Smarts Blog logo just look… cheap. Ok, I may appear pretty mean here, but it’s not my blog who drive thousands of visitors per month lol. The Money Smarts Blog logo is a look-alike Walmart logo: cheap look. Anyhow, on his road to success, Four Pillars had lost his soul by wanted to be too much commercial. But guess what? I am not a fan of commercial stuff. I want the do-it-by-your-own stuff, not some stuff being written by some literate financial dude. And I pretty sure that people out there want to read about a girl being laid off from BMO Bank of Montreal rather than reading the too smooth stories of a young fortunate, well-educated young man right? lol The author of the Money Smarts Blog remains the same as for the Four Pillars, but now, it’s not the same good old stuff. It’s now a Money Smarts: boring ideas for your money.

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