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Monday, May 10, 2010

My stock investment portfolio gain 1 478.58$ today

Today had been a Sunny Monday, I just couldn’t wait for my day at work to be over so I can update my portfolio and see now things went on the stock market.

I close the day at a good 87 189.73$, which represent a gain of 1 478.58$ compare to May 7.

Back on May 1, my stock investment portfolio was at 88 632.34$. So compare to May 1, I am still experiencing a loss of 1 442.61$. But the gain of today were quite positive so hopefully, I will be once again near the 89 000$ in assets very soon.


Unknown said...

Lâche pas tu vas réussir, moi aussi un bonne journée ça fait du bien après une superbe chute.

Sunny said...

Merci :)


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