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Friday, May 21, 2010

Thanks God, the TSX had gain 115.40 points today

At a point, I really begin to think that God himself want me to reach 100 000$ in assets before the end of 2010… The TSX close today at 11 521.35 points, a nice gain of 521 points. My non registered portfolio partly recovers. I am currently at 45 775.96$, but I am still experiencing 1 611.03$ in losses compare to May 12. I am confident I will recover form the money loss in the upcoming weeks.

And about my DRIP

I had received 56.50$ from Emera (EMA). Emera dividend provides me 2 extra stocks. I also received 29.57$ in dividend from Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN), which bring in 2 extra units. So everything is rolling over and everything is just fine the way it is. I am at the 1 300$ in dividend earning so far for 2010!

Working online for Google and me

I am now at a bit more than 30$ in Google AdSense income. I would like to reach one again the payout of 100$. So I am looking to spend some time working on articles for HubPages. I have developed more than 100 article ideas so now had came the time to hit another 100$ Google payout. And if you think it’s easy to work online, well it’s truly not.

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