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Monday, May 17, 2010

Brian Mulroney or liar liar: the scandalous affair of a Quebecker, ex Prime Minister of Canada

Need another example of why Quebec needs to be kick out of Canada ASASP? Politicians like Brian Mulroney, corruption affairs coming directly straight from Quebec province are costing honorable Canadians like myself millions of dollars each year. Yep, Brian Mulroney is a Quebecker born in Baie-Comeau in 1939. Brian Mulroney will be celebrating his birthday on this upcoming May 20. If I count right, Brian Mulroney will be celebrating his 71 birthday.

It’s been reported that related to the Schreiber affairs, Brian Mulroney had been reimbursed close to $2 million in legal costs. And where the money had been taking from? From my taxes, from everybody else taxes! Scandalous! Poor living are living in the streets, some families are having problem to make ends reach and the poor man is getting his lawyers cost being refunded by money that could had help people in need. But guess the poor old man that is Brian Mulroney does not care about that! Brian Mulroney does not care at all about the welfare of real Canadians. The only thing Brian Mulroney had ever cared about is himself.

Watch out: it’s not the first time that legal costs are being refunded to Brian Mulroney. I don’t remember anything about it as I was too young at the time to understand what was going on, but back in 1997, Brian Mulroney had appeared in court for what had been known the Airbus affair. Back than, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was investigating allegations where it’s been told that Brian Mulroney had been accepting bribes in the retribution of contracts, Airbus contracts in this case. Later on, the case was closed but had resurfaced again in 2000 with the explosion of the Schreiber affair.

Can you imagine: in total, its not close to $2 million that Brian Mulroney had cost to Canadians, but we are taking of an amount of close to $4 million! $2.1 million reimbursement for legal cost regarding the Airbus affair and 1.8$ million reimbursement for legal cost regarding the Schreiber affair.

Brian Mulroney had cost to Canada more than $4 million in legal cost. And where the money had been taking from? Not from Brian Mulroney pockets of course, but from ours, from our taxes. You’re getting a taste here of what Quebeckers are as people and as Canadians: blood suckers. I experiment it myself, me Neo Brunswicker, I had experiment it with my laid off of BMO Bank of Montreal and it many more occasions. If you want a friendly advice, if you are a new immigrant, student, job seeker: to not come to Quebec province. Quebeckers will only make you loose your time and money. And Quebec shit needs to remain in Quebec, and in Quebec only. I had written previously about my experience at the Montreal call center of BMO Bank of Montreal. You can do a search in the search engine located in the right column if you want a taste of the shit... As for the other stories, I will write about them later on. But as for now, let’s talk about Brian Mulroney. Soon 71 years old, but not that much of a man.

When it comes to Brian Mulroney, historians are used to talk about 2 affairs: the Airbus affair and the Schreiber affair. But when reading about it, the 2 affairs are so closely related to each other that we could talked about 1 big scandalous affair. Not to say that Brian Mulroney is a scandalous man. Period.

So basily, we could say that the Schreiber affair begins as early as 1997, at the time the Airbus affair had been publicly exposed. So its all begin as early as 1995 when there have been suspicions about the affair. But the case itself begin in 1988 and involved Brian Mulroney, Air Canada and Airbus. The Airbus deal generated billion of dollars to Brian Mulroney elite close friends. Brian Mulroney himself had touched 300 000$ directly from the Airbus deal. The deal was the selling of 34 Airbus A-320 jets to Air Canada. Behind the deal was the man who later on denounced it all: Karlheinz Schreiber. Karlheinz Schreiber had paid Brian Mulroney a commission of 300 000$ for the deal to be book between Airbus and Air Canada. Karlheinz Schreiber had talked about a commission of $300 000 and Brian Mulroney of $225 000. Who do you believe between the two?

In 1997, the case resurfaces, but the investigations had been close too quickly by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The case resurfaces shortly in the years 2000. With the testimony of Karlheinz Schreiber, the case finally had been reopened. This episode is known as being the Schreiber affair. Karlheinz Schreiber, a German business man is the one who made the investigation possible. Without him, no one would had never known what kind of man is Brian Mulroney, a dishonorable cheater. The investigation had been taking place in May 2009 under the name of Oliphant inquiry. The Oliphant inquiry is an independent review of the allegations between Karlheinz Schreiber and the Ex-Right Honourable Brian Mulroney. David Johnston is the Independent Adviser of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The review is being done independently, even if the adviser reported himself to Stephen Harper. More than just lawyers’ fee, this commission itself is costing thousands of dollars, if not million to Canadians. And who pay for it? Certainly not Brian Mulroney, but us, people of the country, the real Canadians! The Oliphant inquiry had been going on since 2007. Which mean that since 2007, honorable Canadians had been paying for a commission needed because the dishonorable Brian Mulroney had been hiding the facts and the true for more than 20 years!

During the Oliphant inquiry, Brian Mulroney publicly declared that he had accepted $225 000 from Karlheinz Schreiber. In this affair, Brian Mulroney had said that he didn’t break no laws or ethical guidelines. For the Quebecker that is Brian Mulroney, it was ok to advantage of his position as chief of the Canadian military. The affair concerns the possession of Airbus Jets to Air Canada and also the purchase of vehicles for peacekeeping work. So now you understand why we are here talking about billion of dollars being involved in the Airbus-Schreiber affair. The affair is still going on, the Oliphant final report is expected to be released at the end of May. Time for Canadians to recover from financial loss that the affair had bring, but also time to recover in dignity and hope that Brian Mulroney will finish his days in jail for the financial crime that he is not intelligent enough to recognize. This Quebecker had been Canada Prime Minister for 9 years: between September 17, 1984 to June 25, 1993! Unbelievable!

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