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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Go go go Claymore Gold Bullion (CGL)

I had been working like crazy. Yesterday I did a 9 hours shift and today a 10 and a half hours shift. This is kind of heavy stuff for me as I usually work only a 5.5 hours shift per day on weekdays at that job. I got to get home early today since I got stuff to be done. I just hate the laundry-lunch-to-be-done-cleaning routine but those types of things need to be done once in a while right lol...

It’s raining again in Montreal. I just cannot wait for tomorrow to see how much is going to be on my paycheck. All of the money earned will go as payment on my TD credit line. After what, my TD credit line would be all paid off. I just can’t wait to receive my online earning payment. I should received a 100$ payment by the end of the month if I understood correctly. I really need another pair of shoes. The ones I have hurt my feet constantly very badly! I think about wearing sandals until I got a new pair… next week or so? I don’t know. It’s just that with the overtime available, I don’t have too much time to shop around. Second after something else, my feet might be the most precious sensible part of my entire anatomy. It’s always been like that. And it didn’t change just because I am now thirty years old lol… Finally, my laundry and lunches for the next couple of weeks are now done. I also purchase some coffee. But as you know, nothing beat Second Cup coffees and I might be running there just like always. I didn’t dye my hair for quite sometime now and it doesn’t look as ugly as I expect. I would be in need of a good hair cut anyway, as I didn’t get a cut for several months now and I know wearing my hair in a twist ponytail that I attach on the back of my head. Doesn’t look ugly, but doesn’t look sexy either. Is there anything I wouldn’t do to invest? Frugal living is a choice of live but I won’t say I had been living frugally lately as I buying a Second Cup coffee almost everyday of the week and I eat out and stuff. But lately, money is just coming out of my ears….. So very close to the 100 000$ that I decide to invest 2 000$ in gold by if not tomorrow, sometime else. That’s the main reason why you have to read this blog every single day of the week because you never know when it will be it, when it will be the day I will be updating my portfolio and say, on my classic way: I am now at 100 000$. Things are happening you know on this blog. It’s just not a matter of exposing myself and my investment and my debt, it’s more a positive message send to small investors like myself, the misses and misters nobody that hey, might not be a nobody, but that Stop Working of Derek Foster is making me rich. And it’s really happening. I am getting rich and more in deep into debt but I cannot help it, I cannot live without investing anymore. Investing had been part of my live since 2005, but lately, even while feeling “complete” with my portfolio (yeah I know, but I really wrote that lol), I want more. And I know I can make a great deal of cash on EnCana Corporation (ECA). I know I want loose my money.

Gold had reached its highest point today and Claymore Gold Bullion (CGL) had performed extremely well and I am just curious to find out if one day the Claymore Gold Bullion will pay or not an annual distribution. I think I would deserve such thing from Claymore Gold Bullion, if not by Claymore itself or if not by you.

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self-taught investor said...

Hi Sunny,

I just finished reading the whole blog in the past few weeks. I started reading from 2007 and moved on backwards to today.

I have to say I was curious, since we are in the same process, being financially independant using dividends, and we both started roughly at the same time, in 2005. The only thing is that I wanted to know more BEFORE actually investing. So I read and I read... for roughly 2,5 years before investing. As of today I have read more than 150 books on personal finances, investment, taxes, markets, etc. I actually bought my first stock dividend stock only in october 2008, and was lucky enough to keep buying in jan, feb, mar and april of 2009 (great prices then!).

You had a very interesting journey, learning tough lessons along the way. And it's kind of a coincidence that you'll soon be reaching your 100 000$ goal (maybe today since the market seems to be up) as I just finish reading your blog.

Maybe your next goal should be to get to 100 000$ NETWORTH, so that way, when you pay you debt, your number (networth) will go up and if you borrow to invest your networth will basically stay the same since your new asset will be canceled out by your new debt! It's just a suggestion. ;-)

Take care,


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