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Monday, September 13, 2010

I am now at 100 800.40$

There you go! I am now at a very nice 100 800.40$! As you can imagine, I am very please with the results of today. Almost at 101 000$ without too much problem, isn’t that cool? My portfolio is not perfect but it’s been performing well and I think that the next upcoming months will also be good, but only if the economy get better in the US. It will be quite a challenge for Barack Obama. But hey, after all, Barack Obama is the first black person to become president of the United States. No challenge is too big for Barack Obama and believe it or not, everything or almost is under control. Republicans just need to stay at their places and let Barack Obama lead. Just like Quebeckers need to stay at their places. (I am very sorry, it's just something I really wnated to say :))

Recently, I had received one of those comments about Derek Foster lately that I didn’t really want to answer. But here will be my answer to the poor guy who had left an awful comment, calling Derek Foster “bum” (you have to go read that comment, click on here). Well, to that I will answer that Derek Foster is definitively not a bum. I am currently at 100 800.40$ because of the reading of the Derek Foster books. I started investing in stocks after reading his Stop Working. And even more important: I never loose any money by investing in Derek Foster stocks. And fact is, I lost a great deal of money by following Eric Sprott. I lost money in the Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks, I had lost money in Timminco (TIM), Eric Sprott ex-darling stocks and, even worst, I lost money by investing in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. I seriously lost thousands of dollars by following Eric Sprott. By investing in Derek Foster stocks, I never lost a penny. I made money like crazy and hit the 100k very quickly. Some people become good at investing after reading Warren Buffet and other. But for myself, I needed something fast, easy and practical because when it comes to learning among other, I don’t have any patience. I want everything right now. And with Derek Foster, I got everything I wanted, in a very short amount of time. I cannot say the same thing with Eric Sprott. I have nothing against him, but Eric Sprott makes me loose money. And not Derek Foster. So who’s best now at the investing game? Derek Foster, of course, and me in second place ok? lol

Jean-François Tardif left on top of his game and Eric Sprott well, Eric Sprott is leaving an empty basket to investors. I just hate the guy. But it was mean to be this way. Especially after what he did to Jean-François Tardif. As for BMO Bank of Montreal, they fired and look what happen to them, a HUGE mortgage fraud, their InvestorLine is just very awful and how many other thing. Life is a spinning wheel. Don't you ever think that you can go cheating and lying without any consequences. That's the hand of God, no matter if you believe or not.

Small investors like myself would be nothing at all without the Derek Foster, Jean-François Tardif and Steve Martin of this world. That's a fact. Because it's all about "picking". Picking the right stocks, and picking the right guru. ;0)


Arun said...

Please read this article from Toronto Star, what your Guru did on March 2009? He is the one wrote on his book as "Praying for stock market crash". Buy and Hold is a great idea, but he didn't follow his own rules. DUMP GUY


DividendLover said...

Each 50K will be easier than the last :)

david obront said...

what did Eric Sprott do to Jean-Francois Tartif? i thought JFT quit? do you know what has happened to him?

Sunny said...

Hi David, the answer to your question will make an interesting post I am going to work on. So stay tune. Chow

My Own Advisor said...

Congrats Sunny :)

My Own Advisor


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