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Friday, September 17, 2010

More Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL) units please

I am very tired of my week spend at work. I usually only work 30 hours per week at that job. I had been working 40 hours and up per week for the past 3 weeks now and its way too much. I am getting tired, extremely moody and my temper is just about to explode! I feel like screaming my breath away AHRRRRRRHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG! Customers are getting into my nerves, my supervisor as well and this just by simply posing his hand on my shoulder. GET OFF ME! It’s so terrible. So today, my sup wasn’t there, but no matter what, I only did half an hour extra and I say to an old colleague of mine that I couldn’t stay longer and I left. Anyway, I had completed my regular shift. I am always extra cautious at coming at time to work and stuff, doing my hours you know. Extra hours are just extra hours after all. I just cannot do extra hours anymore. I prefer a smaller paycheck and keep my mental health rather than burning myself, working extra long hours. Nothing matter anymore, I have reach my goal. I simply now to keep paying my stuff on time. No matter what happen, I have money to do basically whatever I want. That’s what the Stop Working of Derek Foster had brought to me. The liberty. Not that I am about to stop working anymore, but at least, I am in a good financial situation or should I say, I consider myself being in a good financial situation.

And talking about the good financial situation of mine, my non registered stocks and units is currently at a very good 58 741.86$ - this being even higher than on September 13, 2010!! So when I received this kind of emails coming from readers, I really don’t give a damn, no matter what happen in my job situation or personal life, nothing of that matter because my portfolio is performing so well:

“Sorry if this bursts your bubble, but I have never seen such a ridiculous, reckless and fragmented portfolio such as yours. It's like someone threw a hand grenade into a china shop. You holdings are scattered to the point of stupidity.

While you claim to have doubled your money in 12 months, what you don't say is how much you have reinvested during that time. Quite a lot, I suspect.

Oh, and I do know a little of what I speak, having invested in BMO at $24.10, RBC at $26.40, Crescent Point Energy at $17.46, Red Back Mining at $11.41, Caterpillar at $36.14 -- all at near lows last year -- and Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric.

Take a look at LYG-N that I grabbed for $3.01 in February. Look at it today. There's more to stock picking than throwing darts at a wall.

But good luck, anyway. With what you have, you're going to need it.”

Yeah yeah, you have read correctly. That’s had been wrote by a reader. I won’t publish in here the email or the address because it’s not my type but hey, wow……. As for myself, I really like the “threw a hand grenade into a china shop” part! See that’s not my kind of English – it’s really the email of a reader!

The “such stupidity” of mine is performing quite well. Sure, my way of investing may appear to some other as not being well structure but my way is that I invest in whatever I “feel” and “sense” as being a good investment. For 2010, I did great investment pick one after the other. My way is personal, I can understand if it can be seem as weird or a bit estrange, but hey, I “got” it lol……… And when you got it you got it right…….lol. But my blog is mostly about sharing an investment experience. Nothing more or less. That you like it or not.

I won’t be updating my investment portfolio value because I am way too tired, but gees, my portfolio is just doing so well! I was quite surprised to see it that high, at 58 741.86$, because EnCana Corporation (ECA) close this Friday at a low 29.01$. So I lost a bit of money with EnCana Corporation (ECA), but I am still pretty sure it will go up, maybe not right away to 65$ per stock, but a 30$, and we can seriously of a 35$ and up. A slide from my original purchase price of 29.44$ to 29.01$ is nothing at all. EnCana Corporation will create great profit to its investor and when it will happen, I will be in.

Generally speaking, I don’t have too much patience, but when it comes to stocks and money, I can wait; I have all the time of the world. And time is paying off! My investment in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is now at a very great 5 836.94$! Getting closer to the 6 000$. 2009-2010 had been a difficult for the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund and by keeping my parts in the fund, not selling was a very good decision to take, I just hope you did the same.

The stock market belong to warriors, you shouldn’t ever sell if it’s to loose money and declare a capital loss. Those are the reasons I am still holding, in date of today, Timminco (TIM), Blue Note Mining (BNT) and Hanwei Energy Services (HE). You invest to make money yes, but you also have to stand by the companies you have decide to invest in. I never saw the losses coming when it come to TIM, BNS and HE, so once I notice the looses, it was too late. So I decide to keep those companies in my portfolio. I had been reading the annual report of Timminco (TIM), Blue Note Mining (BNT), Hanwei Energy Services (HE) and I find those companies very great and I wonder what happen, why those losses? I came to the conclusion that those companies, especially Timminco (TIM) had been badly hurt by the recession. It’s difficult for a small investor like myself to try to understand those kind of things. But I decide to stop the search of the “why” and stick and hold. I have hope, especially when it comes to Hanwei Energy Services (HE).

Hanwei Energy Services (HE) was my own very pick after reading about the company in the Canadian Business magazine. I was like wow, China + clean energy, that equal GOLD right? It didn’t turn that way, but gees, I truly believe that this Hanwei Energy Services (HE) of mine is a good bet. Hanwei Energy Services (HE) had been a company victim of the bad economy we are currently living in.

Only experts can really tell how bad it is and this might be a reason why Derek Foster had sell his stocks in March. Because things are really really bad out there. If not more jobs are being created in the US, I might loose all of my very wonderful profit. While investing in the stock market, you have to be ready to all possibilities. That’s why it’s important to diversify your portfolio. To equilibrate your investment portfolio, invest in gold products. In recession time, your best asset is gold. I only have good worlds for the Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL). The units price is still affordable (less than 12$ per unit). Huge profits are going to be made on the Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL) and when it happens, please, say that you have read it first on blog ok?

Right now in my life, there’s just 3 things that I need: a boyfriend, a good nice hair cut and some more Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL) units in my portfolio.

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