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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am now at 104 443.05$

Wow, hard to believe I am on the road for my first 105k! Very beautiful thing happen in my portfolio. First, I would like to point the attention on the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. I originally invest 7 000$ in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. A first 5 000$ just before the stock crash of 2008, when the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund units were at it’s highest. I later on invested another 2 000$ when the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund units were around 27$. On date of September 29, my investment in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is now at 6 060.64$. Believe it or not. Which mean that I almost totally recover form my lost in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. I plan to let my money in the fund and see it grow. I had been stupid enough to write some very bad things about Eric Sprott and Sprott Inc. (SII) and the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund because I was very upset about the money I had lost in Timminco (TIM), Sprott Inc. (SII) and also in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund itself.

Despite difficult economic conditions, the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund delivers extremely well. Take a look for yourself here. I might have been stupid enough to write all kind of bad comments about Sprott, but I wasn’t stupid enough to sell my units hold in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund lol! Or any of my Sprott Inc. (SII) or even Timminco but hey, Timminco, it’s a different story.

I might never be able to recover from my lost in Timminco (TIM) BUT the money made in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund will help me to recover from money lost in Sprott Inc. (SII) and Timminco (TIM). So I basically forgive Eric Sprott for being who he is. lol!

Just to talk about something else, I had received 30.34$ from Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN) today.

EnCana Corporation (ECA) is slowly growing. I would like EnCana Corporation (ECA) to reach a good 30$ and up, if not more, as soon as possible please.

Isn’t so lovely, that investment portfolio of mine?

I call TD Waterhouse today because I am thinking about opening a margin account just to pay off my TD line of credit that is at more than 8% in interest rate. I would use the money to pay off that debt. Currently, my TD credit line is almost paid off, but that money will soon go as payment on my TD Visa, which credit card balance transfer at less than 5% is going to expire in January… Yes, my credit life is complicated but at the end, I am able to get what I want. Holding debt was the only way I had to reach the 100k during the year 2010.

My question to TD Waterhouse was the following: is a credit evaluation is needed to open a margin account? The answer was yes. I am still confused about margin but I would use the money at 3.5% interest rate to save on product I have at a higher interest rate. I would like to save on the interest I am paying on my debt. I deserve it. After all, I am an investor. ;)


Ricardo said...

Hey Sunny,

I love your blog... Are you using TD Waterhouse for your stock trades as well or did you move to Scotia iTrade? I am currently with Scotia iTrade but was thinking of moving to TD Waterhouse. I don't trade often so I keep getting the darn inactivity fee at Scotia iTrade every 3 months.

Avrom said...

Hi Sunny,

Looks like we did well on Encana today, it seemed to be the flavor of the day and went up 5% :)) I am just as happy as you are..

Sunny said...

Hi Ricardo, I am with TD Waterhouse. I wanted to transfer to Scotia iTrade, but my RSP loan got refused at Scotia bank so I didn't tansfered. TD is good, no problem, and they are giving all the credit that I want. There's no inactivity fee with TD Waterhouse.

Hi Avrom, yes, love EnCana, very powerful stock.


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