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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just enough to pay off my TD credit line

I received my paycheck. Not as huge as wanted, but I will catch up next pay. Luckily, I have enough to pay off entirely my TD credit line!

My non registered stocks and units portfolio is at more than 57 800$ right now. Sprott Canadian Equity Fund had passed the 37$ per unit. So it’s all very great news overall right now financially speaking. Everything is under controlled or almost. I was just upset to learn that Bank of Canada had increased a something rate of 1%. That increased do not appear so far on my TD line of credit or either on my RBC credit line but I guess it could increased. Anything can happen knowing the Tories government we have right now. I will later on work at paying more debt as overtime is currently available at my job.

Being too much in deep in the red is not good but I really appreciate my latest RBC credit line – it allows me to reach my first 100k in investment. I might be very close to my goal at this time but I am very tired, just coming from a 12 hours shift and I don’t have any energy left to spend over some portfolio update, even if it’s something I really enjoy to do. I like counting and calculating every single penny coming out of my fortune.

I just cannot wait for tomorrow to finally paid off that TD credit line.

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