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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I just received Sprott Inc. (SII) dividend

... and I had received a cutty tinny 12.87$. Thank you Sprott Inc. (SII)!

The TSX close up on Friday. I guess I will be updating my portfolio this weekend! I also received interesting comments I will later on take a look closely. Take a look, interesting stuff! Got to go for now as its the Festival des films du Monde in Montreal and their showing some movies outside. A bit cold this evening but I guess it will be alright. Did you know that Paul Martin, our late Prime Minister is from Ontario (?). Pretty hilariously funny. (Read the post on Mrs. Jean I wrote I don't remember when). Good news: I got readers :) And intelligent ones! Yah!

Got to runnnnnn. Going to update the portfolio later on. I am just very curious to find out how much I have right now. Might be pretty close to the 100k if you want my opinion. Good night!

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