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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I received Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) dividend for September 2010

This is what I had been waiting for! I finish work early today, around 7:30pm actually as I was exhausted I begin to suffer form back pain. So I walk around St-Catherine, saw an old colleague to who I say hello, I went by the groceries store as I feeling to eat some salmon, come back home, clean a little, log in my laptop and….. there I saw them, my dividend from Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN)! WOW! I had received 77.29$ in dividend income from Just Energy Income Fund. This is adding 5 new units to my collection, which mean that I currently hold 753 units of Just Energy Income Fund!

My back begin to hurt today and when it does, its mean I am in need of walking, even if I walk everyday to go to work. I had been working a lot more than my usual 6 hours shift at work and it had its effect on my back. I don’t suffer from back pains on a regular basis, just from time to time but when it hurt, it hurt to hell. Anyway, I am much better. And surprise, I am only missing 224$ to pay on my TD credit line! Another surprise, for the first time ever, my non registered stocks and units portfolio had exceed the 58 000$! Time for one of my famous portfolio update? Yep for sure!

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