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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good results with the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund

I had received some interesting dividend lately: 28.59$ from Fortis (FTS), 30.34$ from Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) and 54.99$ from Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN). The dividends are adding up quite well. I soon will be at a 3 000$ in yearly dividend income for 2010. I just received a little paycheck, my banking account is adding up quite nicely. Finally, I am having good result with the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. From what I am currently seeing in my online broker account, my investment in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is now very close to the 6 000$. I originally invested 7 000$ in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. I am sticking on the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund for now, but as soon my profit made with the fund, I SELL lol. Anyhow, things are going quite well at the exception of my new supervisor at my daytime job who’s doing too much and is getting way too much annoying. But best of all: he doesn’t know how to do the job! He doesn’t have a clue of what we are going as agent. Very hilarious situation if you want my point of view. And now, the same poor guy want his staff to go talk to the people we are working for about stuff that do not work well in the company and so on. Like what the hell. Leave me alone F of Quebecker lol! I couldn’t say better, even in French lol.

And yo, readers, stop saying bad things about Derek Foster or if not I am going to cry and you don’t want that to happen don’t you (unless you are a F of Q (q in French meaning as**** or almost). lol…… Isn’t that funny? Leave Derek Foster alone please. He's my hero.

The situation I am living right now at work remind of the time when I was working at the Montreal call center of BMO Bank of Montreal in the Old Montreal. The Vice President of the call center (Montreal section) of BMO Bank of Montreal that occupy the position had worked for BMO Bank of Montreal before but before beginning his duty as Vice President of the BMO Bank of Montreal, he had never worked in the call center. This mean that the BMO Bank of Montreal Vice-President of the Montreal call center never work as a phone operator for BMO Bank of Montreal, but is currently the Vice President of it. Does this making any sense to you? It doesn’t to me.

And now investors wonder why BMO Bank of Montreal is not a good performer. Well, I guess that now investors had partly a response to that matter. The situation is due to poor managing, poorly skill managers. We once had a presentation where the Vice President of BMO Bank of Montreal – Montreal call center gave a presentation and said that he was “vendu à la BMO Banque de Montréal” (French), meaning being “sold to BMO Bank of Montreal”. Well, I hope he is, because the poor man doesn’t worth that much outside BMO Bank of Montreal network.

Quebeckers are well-known in this country for their poor judgment, poor team spirit, poor everything right and the situation at BMO Bank of Montreal is due to a mix of those factors. A lack of savoir-faire, very simply. You know how to do business or you don’t know how to do business. And trust me, I had been working there until I got laid off beginning of 2010 and trust me when I say that BMO Bank of Montreal do not know how to do business with people, it’s because they really don’t know how to do business with people. You can count on my judgment, I had exceed the 100k in investment now and when I say something, it’s right, it’s coming from the heart and my soul.

If I am saying all this, it’s become I want to protect yourself. I want to warn you about not to trust Quebeckers and if you are reading this, are a new immigrant in Canada or a Canadian citizen looking for new opportunities and looking forward to come to Quebec province to move in or even more specifically in Montreal well, my good world would be: stay away from Montreal. Stay away from Quebec province. Here in Quebec, taxes are extremely high. On a 1 300$ salary, I am only earning something like 946$, no even a 1 000$ in my pockets. Health services are extremely poor quality. Hospitals are not well equipped. Quebec leaders say it’s because of a lack in the budget, it’s not because money is missing, it’s because Quebec leaders are taking everything for themselves and they don’t know how to manage and how to correctly spend the tax money. Education system is very poor, no places in kindergarten for children, horrible workplace, salary wages are poor. At least, when living outside Quebec, you’re giving a chance to grow at your full potential and no worries of being lie to by the same ones who think that they are so bright that they want to destroy one of the best countries of the world – Canada – to create their own. Isn’t that enough stupid for you?

Look what’s going on right now with the stupid Jean Charest and Marc Bellemare (in the news lately and you’ll find there the spirit of Quebeckers. Because the vast majority of Quebeckers are cheaters and liers, another example of that would be in the person of Brian Mulroney.

Protect yourself: stay away from Quebec and don’t do business with Quebeckers.

As for myself, whenever I ask for credit, like my latest RBC credit line for example, I call the English line. Not that my English is perfect – of course not – but that protect me from having to deal with Quebeckers. It’s the best I can do. I try not to deal directly at a branch or office because I know how they are. The “they” is referring to Quebeckers – of course. And because of this I basically almost get everything that I want. I keep myself clean from any Quebec relations and you should do the same thing. And express you’re proud of being Canadians to those F.

You know, when my RSP credit line loan got refused at Scotia Bank back in March 2010, I remember screaming over the phone: “Maudit Québécois” (something like I hate you Quebecker in English) to the guy who refused to approve me for the RSP credit line. Several months after, I got approve for a 10 000$ RSP credit line at TD Canada Trust and a 10 000$ credit line at RBC Royal Bank. Credit, I eat it, I need it to live and breathe. My situation didn’t improve, it’s the same. So why did I got refused at Scotia Bank? It’s because of the lack of judgment of that Quebecker and I express myself in a way that the idiot could understand who I am. I am giving you the permission to yell as loud as you want to Quebeckers when you don’t get what you want from them. Let them all know who you are, so they can understand, once for good.

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