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Monday, September 27, 2010

New Brunswickers had spoken: New Brunswick to New Brunswickers, bye bye Shawn Graham!

I finish work early today to go for groceries. I just find out that a good colleague of mine is leaving Montreal for Toronto. He’s not the first one that I know moving to Toronto. These days, everyone seems to be leaving Montreal. People leaving Montreal for Toronto are ambitious workers, looking for more opportunities. I think that Quebec province is really getting now that bad reputation of corruption and favoritism and honest workers are getting annoy and have enough. It’s something I can truly understand. We are paying too much of that Quebec provincial taxes for nothing at all. No access to health cares what so ever. Extremely poor educational system as well. And people are aware of that.

Young people of my age are extremely aware and when it time to consider ways to accomplish something in there life, well, they don’t hesitate very long: they leave for Toronto. Like the guy I spoke to told me that here, he was feeling like he wasn’t going anywhere and stuff. So he decided to move to Toronto and he will begin a university degree in January. So I wish him good luck and I wish him well. And than he told me that I should move to Toronto too. Me in Toronto? lol….. Despite everything that happens to me here, I like Montreal a lot. Nothing is working correctly here for me, but at least, I had reached my investment goal. And what if my live in Toronto would be even worst that what I am currently living here in Montreal? Worst, I don’t know for sure, but it could be better. Maybe. But I am not planning to move for now but it’s definitively something I am keeping in the back of my head. As an idea you know. And maybe for once in my life I will take some English course. What about that? lol…

I am not living happily in Montreal but I am not totally unhappy and sad either. It’s more like a I-don’t-like-Quebeckers-and-you-don’t-like-me-either kind of situation. But eventually, I am not going no where. Absolutely no where.

Anyhow, as you may know, today was an election day in my native New-Brunswick land. And New Brunswickers know how to vote, trust me on that! Not that I am that of a Tories fan, but hey, we didn’t have any choices, Shawn Graham shouldn’t have try to sell NB Power to a bunch of stupid Quebeckers. See how well is doing Jean Charest right now? Jean Charest will soon spend some prison time and he’ll be followed by Brian Mulroney who’s going to finish his days in prison. We are talking here of 2 different cases here but hey, New Brunswickers had their own voices and I am a New Brunswicker! YES I AM! Everyone in Canada and outdoor have to understand that and I think everyone knows now. Common sense had to remain in New-Brunswick. Nothing has to change. Jean Charest and its little Quebeckers do not have a clue of what New Brunswickers are able of. Even without electricity lol………..yeah! Most of New Brunswickers like myself had nothing against Quebeckers, I think. But it’s just we want to be left alone.

New Brunswickers spoke their minds today: New Brunswick to New Brunswickers ONLY. Simple and clear. Shawn Graham had learned a valuable lesson. No one is going to control New Brunswick other than New Brunswickers themselves. So I am very proud of my people today. This is very honorable day for New Brunswick. It’s just a bit sad that it have to be a Conservative government. I would have preferred NPD better (Jack Layton is soooooo awesome and wonderful!!). Just too bad I couldn’t vote (I am living in Quebec right now).

But life great anyway. Can you imagine, my non registered investment portfolio close the day at 59 930.56$! It’s an increase of 136.15$ compare to September 24… So its look like it’s just keep going and growing! That thing is alive.


Unknown said...

Hi Sunny. Love your blog.

Careful what you wish for: Jack Layton would tax away all those lovely dividends that you earn.

And as for Hydro, I find the fixation all Canadians have on provincial hydro utilities very odd. The Phone company in NB is owned by outsiders. The Cable company is owned by outsiders. NB'ers buy their gas from PetroCanada, Shell, Esso, all owned by outsiders. They shop at Loblaws or Safeway. Yet hydro is sacred. I find the same in Ontario, where instead of buying cheap plentiful hydro power from Quebec, Ontario has to build expensive nuclear plants of their own. Go figure! But good for NBers to choose the path that makes sense to them.

PS: Don't move to Toronto: they have the Leafs.

Sunny said...

Hi Paul,

I appreciate Jack Layton as a person and politician. We have the chance to have that great leader, but NPD, despite being on the Canadian scene for several years, is still not well known in New Brunswick. Not well known at all actually. NPD is the party of small people, of workers. NB is in need of a party who will take care of its people. I am not aware of his politic regarding dividend taxes.

New Brunswickers had suffer from bad leaders such like Bernard Lord and I think that with the latest elections, New Brunswickers had expressed themselves and I am proud of my province and what people are willing to do to make things better.

As a small province, it's ok to go seek outsiders to cover of our needs, but Shawn Graham went to far while looking to sell us to Quebec province.

The Maritimes are 4 provinces, we should stick together and elaborate plans to we don't have to rely on selfish Quebeckers to take care of ourself.

Anonymous said...

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