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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Financial Montreal Horror Stories: the facts and only the facts

This week was pretty easy at work or should I say so far, as my week is not over yet. I did my regular shift without doing any extra hours. I could have done plenty of hours, but I have to say 30 hours a week is enough. Not to mention I also have my weekend job. I am working again this weekend and it’s looking like there will be work for the upcoming weeks. But that job can be quite tricky as sometime I am getting push away for a lack of work or whatever reason is. In a past recent post, I wrote about « horror stories » (right on time for Halloween isn’t?) I live in different Montreal financial institutions and I find pretty releasing. I a mat point where I just want to have things done my way and I find people extremely difficult to deal with here in Montreal.

This being said, those horror stories are related to financial services only. I don’t think Quebeckers generally speaking are to blame even if I often write something life f Quebeckers or other things like it, but that really release me. Also, there’s something bad in Quebeckers, something that in deep in their essence. It’s in them, they cannot hide it. It’s ignorance, it’s a French mentality.

No way could I talk to someone about my bad services in Montreal financial system. I think no one would have understood me anyway. I find my blog the perfect place where to scream and why not – share my experiences with other. Because living in Quebec province is being 24 hours a day on a surviving mode. Taxes are the highest in North America, jobs are low paying (a teller job at BMO Bank of Montreal – Montreal call center was only offering 28 500$ (before taxes!!!) just to provide an example) and it’s extremely difficult to deal with Quebec financial representatives, at the exception of an institution located in Brossard and just a few other.

Here in Quebec province, it’s hard to get things done. To accomplish myself financially, I had a plan, and while having that plan in mind I wanted my choices to be respected. You can read in one of my previous post that it is extremely difficult to get things done here in Montreal and people need to be aware of that. Of the stupidity of Quebeckers. But thanks to the Macleans, I think that now Canadians and the rest of the world – now people are a bit more aware of what’s going on in Quebec province. It’s the latest place in Canada where I wanted to live. I might explain the main reason why I am being stuck here in Montreal in a next post or so. I have a lot to tell and I want to aware people of Quebeckers and I want everyone to know what I had been through so that maybe yourself can avoid situations involving Quebeckers that could financially and morally hurt you. Because living in Quebec province is a complete misery. But shouldn’t be scare of them, keep your last word on everything you want and you will get everything you want. Because the banks are Canadian institutions, not provincial. So basically, it’s the same thing for everyone. It’s just those Quebec jerks who are making things complicated. And see where they are now. So don’t be afraid of them. Some will lie, cheat on you, make fun of you, disrespect you, but feel free to spill on them. Just the way you want. Quebec province is a shame for Canadians like myself and when I say that you don’t need to be afraid, you don’t need to be afraid.

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