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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am now at 105 607.19$

I find it extremely hard to focus on my work at the end of the day, especially on a day where the TSX had gained more than 100 points. And today had been one of those days: an extraordinary day! I am now at more than 105k in asset. This is the first time ever I am reaching 105k in asset.

Lately, I had been lucky and all sign all crossing by. I find 15$, three 5$ while walking on the sideway yesterday on St-Laurent boulevard. It’s the second time I find money “in the street” to say it like that lol. I also once find two 20$ on front of a bar on St-Denis street. Finding money in the street is definitively quite something particular but very fun when it actually happens to you. With the 15$ that I find, I buy a Lotto Max ticket with Extra, among other. The only thing I had been winning so far are free tickets but hey, let’s plays while the chance is in. And now today, I had reached my first ever 105k in asset. So what’s going to happen next? I am just wondering. :0)

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youngandthrifty said...

Wow luck you! =) I only found a $20 bill once in my life and I think I was 11.


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