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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) had started a brand new DRIP

I had hold PBH since a little while now and never does the dividend ever DRIP. Never.

Today had been quite nice for my dividend earning. I had received 58.80$ from Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH), 30.68$ from Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) and 55.25$ from Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL). This had of course boost my portfolio value, which is now at 63 140.58$.

Welcome to the Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) Dividend Reinvestment Plan

I had hold PBH since a little while now and ever since I hold the investment in my portfolio, the dividend never DRIP – which mean that never earn new stocks from the dividend earn by PBH. But this had stopped on today. For the first time ever, my PBH stocks had DRIP! This is very strange actually because on their Web site, PBH indicate the same thing as before, which is the following message: “Dividend Reinvestment Plan: Please note that as a result of Premium Brand's recent $40.3 million offering of convertible subordinate debentures and the corresponding improvement in its senior debt to EBITDA leverage ratio, it has suspended the DRIP for an indefinite period.”

So seem like PBH had removed the suspension, but I would had like to know in advance. In my case, I only hold 200 stocks of PBH and thanks to the DRIP, I had earned 4 new stocks. Yeah, that’s nice, but I was expecting the money in cash. Nothing dramatic would you say, but imagine investors with 500 or 1 000 stocks, how had been prepared to receive the money in cash rather than on form of a DRIP. And right now to tell the true I would had need the cash. Remember my hair cut? Ok, an hair cut won’t cost me 58.80$, only 15$ actually but still. I was expecting to do something with that money and now, the money is gone. Well, it’s not gone, but f*, the money is not available isn’t? But I guess PBH had other thing to do right. Like the CEO is being paid at doing what? Nothing?

That’s the kind of problem you get into when you are rich and getting rich is even more difficult when you have to deal with:

1) Quebec financial advisors
2) Companies who won’t even consider updating their Web site information.

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