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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lucky lucky lucky me

After mysteriously finding money on St-Laurent boulevard sidewalk in Montreal 2 days ago, it’s seem like my luck is not going to run away anytime soon!

Check it out……

My non registered stocks & units portfolio had closed the day at 61 582.54$ (an increase of 121.19$ compare to yesterday!). My investment in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is now at 6 240.88$ - an increase of 55.21$ compare to yesterday! WOW! I am now very close to my original 7 000$ (this is the amount I invested in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund back in 2008). It’s been 2 long years that I had been waiting for positive results coming from the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund and results are finally kicking in. Now we are in business! The Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is that powerful. Because it required something like power and the help of God to recover from massively lost. Imagine: just before the market crash of 2008, Sprott Canadian Equity Fund units were at more than 50$ each! During the market crash, Sprott Canadian Equity Fund had reached as low as 27$ each! Almost half of a fortune had disappeared, just like that, without any announcement! On date of today, Sprott Canadian Equity Fund units worth a bit more than 41$ each. When it comes to the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, we are talking about a very powerful fund. The recovery had been long, and I am still myself under a recovery but hey, I am grateful because I am finally slowly recovering from quite some heavy money lost. So those are quite awesome news right, but you haven’t seen anything yet…

TD Canada Trust is the best Canadian bank of all

Want to know why? Well, I currently have a TD Visa which is almost full, a close to 8 000$ balance. The credit card is full because I had a credit card balance transfer special interest at 4.9% for 6 months. My 4.9% interest rate is going to expire in January. It doesn’t look like it, but January is coming quite soon… I only have 3 months left at my special interest rate. But don’t worry about that part because…… TD Canada Trust is the best bank of the world! I had been targeted for a 4.9% interest rate again this month on my TD Visa. Which mean I simply need to do another credit card balance transfer to get the 4.9% interest rate for another 6 months from now, which will drive me to April 2011 instead of January 2011… That’s pretty huge! THANK YOU TD CANADA TRUST! (Now you know why TD Canada Trust is number 1 bank!)

Great, but now I have work to do! In order to benefit an extension of the 4.9% interest rate until April, I simply need to proceed with a credit card balance transfer, just like I did in the past. But this time, it’s going to be more complicated and I have no idea on what I am going to place my move now!

Let me explain…..

Remember I got a 10 000$ credit line from RBC Royal Bank last August, right on time for my 30th birthday? Well, one condition was to decrease my 10 000$ RBC Visa to 5 000$. Which is just a poor judgment coming from RBC Royal Bank knowing how “rich” I am lol… Anyhow, the condition was there, and I had choice that to accept that condition in order to get the 10 000$ credit line. Usually, I was doing transferred from my TD Visa to my RBC Visa and than, I was transferring from my RBC Visa to TD Visa and I was getting the 4.9% interest rate from TD Canada Trust. But now that my RBC Visa limit had been decreased to 5 000$, I do not have any credit card I can use to do my 8 000$ credit card balance transfer. Following me? So I am kind of desperate here! And at this time, I just cannot say I much I dislike RBC Royal Bank for doing this do me! What the hell do they think they are? At this time, I will have to work out something out, I will have to do 2 separates credit card balance transfer instead of just one! So it’s going to be 2 credit card balance transfers of 4 000$ each. How annoying! BUT... I can do both at the same time, by calling 2 institutions, so shouldn’t be that bad…

Here’s the plan:

First, I am going to call CIBC Visa, ask them to transfer 4 000$ from TD Visa to them, CIBC Visa.

Immediately after, I am going to call RBC Visa, and I am going to ask them exactly the same damn thing lol! 4 000$ credit card balance transfer from TD Visa to RBC Visa. There you go!

After what, I wait for the transfer to be completed, which should only take a couple of days… But I will take a look everyday. As soon as I notice one of the transfer is completed, at CIBC Visa or RBC Visa, I call TD Visa, ask them to proceed with a 4 000$ credit card balance transfer at the promotional rate of 4.9% interest rate I got print on my latest statement…

In total, this will request 4 calls, little of my time and huge interest rate saving. The interest rate saving would be even better if I would completely paid off my debt, but I am just too poor to pay off my debt. That’s the way it is. It’s not anytime soon I will be paying my debt.

And what I am going to do with the 5 000$ available on my TD credit line? Invest, of course.

The project I have in mind? 1 000 units of Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp (AQN).

Pretty crazy isn’t? :o)

Other good news, after spending the summer happily camping in Walmart parkings located all across Canada, Derek Foster just announced he’s now working on a new book project! Yeahhhhhh lol. Money for Nothing was great, but too complex for me. Or should I say, I didn’t spend enough time on the Money for Nothing of Derek Foster to fully understand it. Anyhow, I am not that much interested in option. When I want to invest it’s in real time, I want to invest now, and earn dividend NOW. Not later. But I guess it’s all about personal preference.

No other great news for now, but if it happen I win the lottery Lotto Max this Friday, I will let you know for sure.

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