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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Investment projects for Monday!

The dividend earnings of yesterday had been huge. I might have received my ENF.UN dividend by now but I just cannot access my online broker day trading at this time. Remember, Saturday night is TD Price Waterhouse system maintenance. It’s currently 7:30pm. The maintenance time is usually around 12 midnight, but hey, it could be my computer too. I wonder if anyone having the same problem as myself or if I am the only one trying to access its online commodity broker account at this present time.

Need a good virus protection? Go with Kaspersky Internet Security

I have a very good anti-virus that I had renew for the past 2 years: it’s the Kaspersky Internet Security. It’s update automatically on a daily basis and I proceed with a complete scan quite often. If you trade stocks online, it’s extremely important to do it on a secure Internet connection and work on a computer who have a good anti-virus. And also, never trade stocks online through a Wireless Internet connection. Why? Well, I heard that Internet geek could see what you are doing on your computer if you use a Wireless Internet connection. I don’t know too much about computer, but that’s what my bro told me once.

I had been very satisfied with the Kaspersky Internet Security so far. The system is very light. I have a very old laptop of 5 or 6 years ago now… Just to show you how old it is, I have a 512MD DDR on a 60GB HDD. Currently on laptop, DDR are often of 4 GB and up… put mine is less than 1 GB. My laptop computer is an antic and is sometime slow as you can imagine but I am now willing to spend money on a new laptop computer now. I am just collecting points at job who will allow me to purchase, I hope soon, one of those small laptop computers, a mini laptop that I will also put under Kaspersky Internet Security as I can use up to 3 computers on one license. There’s other computer antivirus software you can use such as McAfee antivirus software and AVG virus protection, but I prefer the Kaspersky Internet Security.

I ordered my iPod Touch and I should receive it within 2 weeks or so. I am very excited about it. I find it so phenomenal: a crystal clear touch screen, access to a Wireless Internet connection, MP3 player, camera and more… the iPod Touch is huge! It’s exactly like an iPhone 4 of Apple, but without the cellular service on it. Even better than one of those Wireless laptop computers that’s for sure!

About my next 2 investments…

I wanted to update my dividend income, but since I cannot update it because I cannot access my online commodity broker account and check my Canadian dividend stocks, I will have to remain for now with my old 369$ per month… And add the value of my upcoming investments! This year, I am celebrating Christmas in advance!

Well, this will only work at one condition. I have a 8 000$ on a TD Visa credit card balance transfer at a special interest rate of 4.9% which is going to end on January… On my latest TD Visa credit card statement, TD had offered me, once again, a credit card balance transfer at 4.9%. So I am just going to verify with TD first to see if I can benefit form this offer. And than, I will split the apple in 2:

A one 4 000$ credit card balance will be transfer at RBC Royal Bank Visa;
And a second 4 000$ credit card balance will be transfer at CIBC Visa.

When dealing from a Visa credit card to another Visa credit card, there’s no credit card balance transfer fee that need to be paid. Other than Visa, I hold one American Express, which is an airline miles credit card, and one Mastercard credit card. They are not bank of america credit card, but almost.

After what, I will call TD, and proceed with the balance transfer credit card application. I talk about doing this a little while ago, but I didn’t do anything yet regarding this. But I guess it will work. If I can move forward with this, I will make other online stock investment this upcoming Monday morning.

In my investment portfolio, I currently hold 100 units of David + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) and 100 units of Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN). I wanted for a very long time adds an extra 100 unit to each company in order to benefit from the DRIP investing. Seem like it’s now my chance since TD Visa credit card is offering me another 6 months at 4.9% low interest rate on my 8 000$ credit card balance. I have available 5 000$ on my TD credit line. That money was supposed to get transferred to my TD Visa credit card this January, when the 4.9% low interest rate would have expired… But it’s seem like I am going to be good until at least the month of April 2011 if everything go ok.

Those next 2 investments would than closed my 2010 trading adventure. 2010 had been a great year so far. After those last 2 stock trades in David + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) and Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN), I will be working at paying off again my TD credit line. I can easily save an average of 1 000$ per month. I want to save money for my RRSP. I have 7 000$ I can invest for retirement investment purposes which I absolutely need to invest in order to save on income taxes. I should be able to save a 7 000$ right on time for the RRSP season.

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