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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My TD credit line is now fully paid off

Nothing new at the exception that I treat myself with a new black purse I purchased at H&M store. I would like to get a new jacket but soon it’s going to be the winter anyway. But it doesn’t change fact that my current jacket is made from an ugly shade of yellow. I have another autumn jacket that it would need to be clean and I am just not in the moon to get my jacket dry-clean. So those were for the fashion news. I look ugly, but I am feeling great :0)

No new dividend had came in, but my non registered stocks and units portfolio is now at 61 634.15$. Like wow! This represents an increase of 172.80$ compare to October 5th! I finish the day today very tired. I had pay off my TD credit line and all of my monthly expenses. I have left 400$ in cash and my 5 000$ credit line is paid off. I taught about investing in Algonquin Power & Utilities Corporation (AQN) because the units are cheap but gees, I work so hard to pay of that 5 000$ credit line, better to use the money wisely. I cannot make any mistake at this point. I don’t know what I am going to do with the money. Maybe for once my TD credit line will remain paid... I could need that money. I am not taking anything for granted. My budget is always so sharp as a knife, I barely never have cash available. And all that investment game is taking my breath away. I wrote to someone previously that I was now stock in a spinning wheel. Like Wall Street never sleep? Well I do sleep, but someone can easily loose him/her/self in the investment game. I call it an investment game because until a certain point, all of this do not make any sense, my investment, the way I invest, all of my debt, and all my life. It's vain. All vain. But it's working so well at the same time. So that's the exact reason why on the why I continue. Because I make money. I lost money, but now I am on the road for recovery. And at pass the 105k, I can say, I had saw it all, the big $$$, the major loses, all mix together in a holly mix of stocks and mutual funds and everything else. But it do worth it. Money is just floating all around of me.

I am just very excited at this time as my portfolio is growing so well. I think I don’t have any investment ideal right now in the sense that I invested in what I wanted… Maybe adding some more Claymore Gold Bullion (CGL) units into my non registered portfolio could be a good idea. I am not in a rush to invest again so I might just think about the big scheme this weekend… as tomorrow we are already Friday! Hope my non registered portfolio and all the rest will make some other awesome new gains.

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