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Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's pay day

I received a big paycheck of more than 1 200$! The money will go as payment on my TD credit line. After what I will only have left to pay 3 400$ on it. Not bad at all. (Pretty huge knowing its after taxes). Those were for the unpaid commissions I didn’t receive for the last six months. Unbelievable. But the worst is that my colleagues who had quite their jobs in the meantime will never touch the money of their commissions. This is how things work in Quebec province. Employers have all the rights of the world, while employees have no rights and no voices. Yes, I can fairly scream it loud: Quebec is the most corruptive province in Canada. And sooner they will be kick out of Canada, the better it will be for Canadians like myself.

I wasn’t shock when I read that no criminal charges had been put against Carole Morinville even if her assets had been frozen since August and even after she had declared bankruptcy. The Autorité des marches financiers is just so incompetent! What the hell is everyone doing? Carole Morinville had been suspected of holding a Ponzi scheme. Which mean that some blind Quebec investors had decided to give her their money so she could invest it for them. But the money is now no where – it’s appearing to be gone. What a mistake those investors had made! Lessons haven’t been learned by Quebeckers since the Bertram Earl Jones scandal. The best way to invest is by yourself, by opening a broker account. Don’t trust anyone. Especially Quebeckers. Those are just arrogant people that think to have it all, they want to separate, be a country of their own. See where their arrogances had driven them. To nothing. Taxes are the highest in North America, more than 2 million of Quebeckers do not have a family doctor, there is no good access to health care and no good educational system, the richest put their children to private schools, etc… And see their prime Minister, Jean Charest? Jean Charest is like the rest of Quebec: a good leader of Quebec cheaters and liars – from the exact same tramp of Brian Mulroney.

Also, another way to avoid financial fraud is to have your assets diversify in several Canadian banks. And try to completely avoid BMO Bank of Montreal. The people working there are incompetent. Trust me. I had been there. And also, BMO Bank of Montreal is not a national bank, it’s a provincial bank. So if I where you, I would avoid that kind of junk.

But anyway, generally speaking, those Quebeckers are so incompetents. You have to be here and live it for yourself to believe what kind of crackheads those Quebeckers are.

I am now to more than 90 000$ in my broker account, if you are interested of knowing about it. lol… And what happen at 100k? Hello trades at 9.99$ with TD Waterhouse!


youngandthrifty said...

Ouch! Hmm I am with BMO and I agree that they are quite incomepetent, but they did manage to fix my problem (even though it took about 3-4 months to fix this problem).

Sunny said...

Quite long! But at least they fix your problem.

Arunan said...

Hi from November 4,2010, TD charge only $9.99 commission if u maintain the assert $50000 or above. I guess you will like that deal

Sunny said...

9.99$ at 50 000$+ at TD Waterhouse? That's the deal offer at iTrade, not TD Waterhouse. Here's at TD:

Sunny said...

Wow... I think you are right Arunan. I just complete the reading of this:
But how come I am still paying 29$ per trade than? This information do not even appear on their main pages for the fees and commissions. I don't understand. Anyway, guess I will be calling TD Waterhouse tomorrow.

Sunny said...

Guess I might be tired, that's start on November 4, 2010.. lol :))) WOWWWWWWW.

Even the Globe is talking about it:

zhang said...

29$ per trade??
That is too expensive.
I think you should have a better choice.

$0.01/share $4.99/min-$9.99/max
No any maintenance fee or extra data cost.
Same price even only 1 trade/year!


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